Mars Gets Soulful

In 5D Astrology, you must be able to FEEL the Planets and recognize they reflect to us all that we ARE feeling. So I write each day about the aspects made between the Transiting Planets that affects all of us. While there is some commonality in this aspects, there is also a unique expression for each of us based on where the Transiting Planets are positioned in relation to our Natal Charts.

If there is any sort of increase in cosmic consciousness at hand, and I know there is;), then it is a lower consciousness being applied when you try to look at aspects too far down the road. So I keep the focus on where things are NOW so we can evolve in our thinking as we go rather than using out-dated ideas when a new level of awareness is available.

So here is the daily post:

At 2:22am on Tuesday morning, Mars at 19:24 Leo Quincunx Chiron in Pisces. This is an adjustment that needs to be made between our motivation (Mars) for fun, romance and entertainment (Leo) and our subconscious (Pisces) wounding (Chiron) that ties us to our Soul. As we pursue our fun, we will find that something pulls us into some soul-searching around our actions. From here, we need to make the adjustment to continue our actions. We will adjust because the pain will redirect our actions.

At 3:53pm on Tuesday, Mars at 19:45 Leo Trines Uranus in Aries. Here Mars will get some soul awareness from Uranus on how to pursue his own path to freedom that completely aligns with all the fun Mars is having right now. Mars made the adjustment so now the awareness of how, when and where to act can take him on his way without any difficulty. Mars in Leo likes to take risks. Here is the awareness to do it successfully.

Mars is moving over the same degrees where Venus has had us reviewing our ‘desires’ around all Leo-type things: fun/entertainment, romance/casual sex, children, creativity, goal-setting, etc.

Venus is now direct and going over the same degrees of 14 Leo – 1 Virgo, for the 3rd and final time. She is going to be putting all of our new desires into place. Mars is ahead of her right now helping to align our motivation and will with our new desires. What happens on Tuesday will show us our new desires by the actions we take.




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