A Magical Mind Aspect on Friday Morning

At 10:04am EDT on Friday, Mercury at 14:07 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 8:07 Pisces. Mercury is our conscious mind that interacts with the physical world around us. He conveys thoughts, ideas via all forms of communication. But in 3D, he is like the anchorman that assembles information from various sources and spreads it to others. In 5D, Mercury needs to be magically linked up to a Higher Mind in order to operate from his subconscious mind.

That is the case with this aspect. Neptune rules the subconscious mind and in this 5D aspect to Mercury, our subconscious Neptune mind will magically surface to our advantage. Our words will spill out and create some nice magic within our relating-ships with others. These words will be refined and reflect some reciprocity that you may have been afraid to speak until now.

Magical Words… if you watch your texts, phone calls, emails and conversations, you can be aware as this aspect occurs very close to the time. THEN you will understand how Astrology works;)




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