Aligned with the Galactic Center

Last night I went out Northern Lights ‘chasing’ with Lindsey Vork of Lindsey Vork, Photography. After being in Cheboygan for 2 years now, I run across a photographer who is really chasing the wonder and awe of this creation and who ‘sees’ things whereas I ‘feel’ things.

So about 10:30pm, we head out to a point on US 23 between Mackinaw City and Cheboygan, a rest stop where there is some of the darkest sky in the US. We just 3 days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse so the moonlight is not there to keep us from seeing other things very clearly. Lindsey was tracking all of the key information for a great night of viewing the Northern lights and overall star penetration. She is dead-on with her insight of when to go.

As she is setting up her equipment, with only the flashlights on our iPhones, I begin star-gazing. Its funny because several clients have said to me that they imagine (Neptune) me gazing at the stars each night. I kind of laugh because I FEEL the Planetary energies and haven’t really spent much time trying to ‘see’ them in physical form. I DO enjoy a starry night, no doubt! And I remember watching the Northern Lights as a kid growing up in the Upper Peninsula of MI. I can tell you where to spot Mars when he is visible, if I see the Moon’s placement. But the physicality of things has been less intriguing to me than the sensing of their energies and following their movements. That is real awareness.

Within a moment, right above my head I see this very thick band of stars spanning the sky from North to South. And I am drawn to the center of it and just speaking what I am FEELING… cuz that is what I do! I was saying to Lindsey, “Look at that… its a Galazy of stars and there appears to be a black hole in the center of it just drawing us in.”

I’m going with the sensing of the feeling and Lindsey pops out (Mercury in Aquarius) with, ‘That’s the Milky Way Galaxy.” I said, “Of course it is… and THAT directly above our heads is the Galactic Center!” THAT is where the Sun had its Sacred Triple Rebirth on Dec 21, 2012… the end of the Mayan Calendar! I’ll be posting a video here in the next few weeks that describes the significance of this. the Galactic Center lies at 26 degrees Sagittarius on the Zodiac Wheel.

Not coincidentally, of course, Transiting Neptune and Mercury were applying to a 5D/ double magical aspect (Biquintile) to each other last night. This is our subconscious and conscious mind operating in FULL understanding of the tangible (Mercury) and intangible (Neptune) elements of our reality. AND they were BOTH creating a 5D/magic Quintile to the GALACTIC CENTER! Lindsey was the Mercury side of the aspect and I was the Neptune side.

And what an awesome evening as we merged her physical awareness with my soulful awareness and we aligned with the Galactic Core:)

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