Less Than 2 Days to the Solar Eclipse!

At 2:31am on Sunday morning, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 21 Virgo. Then the skies will be quiet for the next 48 hours.

NOTE: You will likely have Personal aspects affecting you in the meantime. These are covered in Personal Transit Reports. Email me for details.

But Friday night and Saturday morning will be busy as we have 3 aspects taking us through to the Dark of the Moon as he sets to Eclipse the Sun.

At 3:00am Saturday morning, the Sun at 19:13 Virgo Opposes Chiron in Pisces. This can have a sting to it, but the clarity (Sun) you receive could help you find gratitude for that old wounded feeling. You will be able to see how your subconscious fears were your own problem and not someone else’s. You can then find a way to shift your fear into the gratitude that will allow you to get about your daily tasks (Virgo) without angst.

At 10:07am Mercury at 14:38 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 29:38 Scorpio. This can be some words (Mercury) that sting a bit as you are being held accountable (Saturn) to intimacy (aka honesty–Scorpio) with someone you are in a relating-ship with. The words will show you what you need to work on. Mercury will be Retrograding on Sep 18 and will be making the same aspect to Saturn again, but Saturn will be at 0:14 Sagittarius changing the purpose of the communication.

At 1:18pm on Saturday the Sun at 19:38 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Aries. This is an adjustment aspect. You will have some clarity (Sun) around changes (Uranus) you need to make (Aries) in order to pursue your path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) while also serving others or maintaining your work and health needs (Virgo). This clarity and awareness will serve you very well as the Solar Eclipse will be bringing you a ‘fresh start’ in the same area of your life, for 99% of us, as this aspect occurs.





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