4D vs. 5D Approach to Addiction

Victoria over at 800RecoveryHubBlog.wordpress.com liked my post titled, “Been Drinking More Lately.” So I reciprocated and visited her site. Love the look of it:) And her posts are thought-provoking. She says she knows she is an alcoholic and no empirical scientific evidence could have told her that… it was her OWN self-awareness that did. Victoria may not even use that word, but when she left the ‘denial’ stage, she entered a self-aware stage and turned things around.

With the 2 Planets (Jupiter and Neptune) that are most intimately linked to addiction applying to their exact Opposition at 2:54am Wednesday morning (after-party hours), I knew (Neptune) it was the time for an article that reflects the ‘Astrology of everything’s’ perspective (Jupiter) of this topic.

What stymies most people involved with addictive behaviors is an issue of ‘timing.’ Like the ‘over-drinking/non-alcoholic’ that just looses it from time to time, or for a stretch of time. Or the family member who wonders ‘when’ will they be ready to enter rehab or to stick with sobriety. Well, Astrology can show ‘timing’ of all these issues.

Over the years of following the Planetary energies, I came to know that there is no real freewill. The orbiting Planets emit energies from their electromagnetic fields that we FEEL. Every thought, idea, action, desire, goal, emotion that you hold, comes from these energies. If a thought pops into your head, run the Astrology chart for that thought and, if you can read it because you understand the various Planetary energies, then you will KNOW (Neptune) that you are not the sole-source of the things you feel.

Addicts understand Neptune’s energies very well. Musicians also do. If you have a hard, 3D aspect (Conjunction, Square, Opposition) between Jupiter and Neptune in your chart, you can loose yourself in the vast (Jupiter) void (Neptune) that all escapist behaviors take you to. When Jupiter and Neptune touch in these hard aspect, you can be overwhelmed (Jupiter) by subconscious (Neptune) fears that you are accessing. These fears are from your past-lives or simply the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung called it. Whereas they feel stress around staying in their conscious (Mercury) mind, they can lose all track of these issues the minute they take that drink or that ‘hit’. It allows them to enter into another reality that isn’t stressful or painful.

Neptune rules the 90% subconscious mind where we are all connected. If living as your avatar in the physical world becomes tough, you can simply blur the lines for a bit and avoid (the ultimate Neptune energy) dealing with it.

Jupiter rules a big-picture, philosophical perspective of the world that is hopeful and optimistic.

When Jupiter and Neptune are in a productive or easy aspect, in someone’s Natal chart, these are the people that have a higher consciousness (Jupiter) around managing the ‘void’ of Neptune. they know when to stop. They may not even really care for alcohol or drugs because dealing with their reality isn’t so hard. They can easily develop a philosophy (Jupiter) to live by that keeps them from over indulging. These are people that feel they have some ‘spiritual’ underpinning (Jupiter), or faith (Neptune) that they can manage it. These 2 Planets create an ease for them.

As these 2 Planets orbit today, they are creating a HARD (Opposition) aspect to each other that is affecting all of us right now. More people are over-doing their escapist addictions. But this Transit has only been in effect since Labor Day and will be over by the end of September. Its not a huge factor for most of us, but it can add to the complications for those with HARD Natal aspects between the 2 Planets.

How can an ‘alcoholic’ use 5D Astrology to assist them with management of their HARD aspect? Well, if they can learn to separate out the energy of these 2 Higher Minds (both are key to the ‘Merlin Mind’ I write about here), they can learn to put these conscious markers into their subconscious mind that pulls them out of their over-indulgence as this excerpt from a New Times article appropriately suggests. The difference is that in 5D Astrology, you can SEE all of the truth for each person rather than apply ‘formulas’ that can’t possibly work for everyone.

Surprisingly, about 29 percent of the population meets the definition for excessive drinking, but 90 percent of them do not meet the definition of alcoholism. That’s good news because it means excessive drinking may be an easier problem to solve than previously believed.

Studies show that simply raising the price of an alcoholic beverage by 10 percent reduces alcohol consumption by 7 percent, suggesting that higher taxes on alcohol could make a significant dent in excessive drinking. Zoning laws that reduce the number of establishments that serve alcohol in a given area can also curb excessive drinking. Importantly, a simple intervention by a physician, talking to patients about their alcohol use, has also been shown to help people make better choices and curb excessive alcohol consumption.

Ad campaigns, like a 2010 New York City initiative called “Two drinks ago,” also may help. In the New York campaign, posters showed a well-dressed woman slumped and drunk and a young businessman bleeding and bruised. The posters read, “Two drinks ago you could still get yourself home,” and “Two drinks ago you would have walked away.” The tagline was “Stop drinking while you’re still thinking.”

Dr. Brewer noted that excessive drinking is still a challenging problem, but it is not as difficult to address as alcohol addiction can be.

Dr. Brewer is moving into some 5D understanding of the situation. Now he just needs the support of the accuracy Astrology can bring to the table.

To get a true handle on your addiction mind, a Report or Reading is a great place to start. Awareness changes EVERYTHING!

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