Over the Hump of Too Much Escapism

Since Jupiter and Neptune exacted their Opposition at 2:45am on Thursday morning, they have commanded our attention for the last few days as there were no other aspects occurring. It is easy to lose yourself in the big ‘fog’ these 2 Planets can create together… especially when they are in a hard aspect.

It can be very hard to know which end is ‘up’ in this fog of too much subconscious activity that clouds our thinking. It is still there and won’t be easing up much for the next week, so be gentle with yourself and others who feel a bit ‘lost.’ They may not even be able to put words to their feelings, but you may now recognize what they are struggling with. Things can be intangible, hard to hold onto and feel as if some areas of your life, particularly Virgo areas (health, fitness, work, service to others, volunteering, roommates, co-workers) are just dissolving and you are not sure if they will be replaced.

Understanding our Higher Minds, as Jupiter and Neptune, are is what makes one a ‘Merlin.’ These minds are there for a reason, but in lower vibrational states of awareness (3D and 4D), we find them very hard to manage. And so people reach for their modes of escapism to get through it.

Even as I am developing my Merlin Mind, these last 2 weeks had me struggling with sleep. I have other very hard energies going in my chart as well, but Jupiter and Neptune added to the fact that my mind did not want to enter the much larger void of this expanded (Jupiter) subconscious (Neptune) energy. It can be more void than you want to dive into. It can make it hard to define yourself anymore as you seem to have blurred lines around you and others.

There will be some reprieve late Saturday night, early Sunday morning when at 1:17am the Sun at 26:57 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Mars in Leo. This is a productive aspect if you work it. Mars and Venus both in Leo have men and women desiring and motivated for more fun, casual sex, entertainment, creativity and children. So Mars is set to leave Leo in a week so he is wrapping up the last of his fun before he ingresses Virgo and has to get more serious.

The Sun in Virgo has been giving us some clarity around the ways we serve others and how well we are doing at work or with health and fitness issues.

As the Sun meets Mars in a minor aspect, we can expect to have some clarity around how to work through our motivations with our need to serve. Not an easy task generally… especially with Jupiter and Neptune still in tight Opposition making many of us loosey goosey on our accomplishing our ‘to-do’ lists (Virgo) and in pursuit of any goals (Sun/Leo).

We are in the Eclipse wormhole of ‘rapid change’ for the next 2 weeks. The Lunar Eclipse on Sep 27 will help us close some doors making way for the fresh start the Solar Eclipse is delivering to our door.

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