Daily Aspects for Wednesday, Sep 23

Starting at midnight Wednesday, the day is action-packed. The starts and ends with some magic.

At 12:00am Venus at 19:15 Leo Trines Uranus Retrograde in Aries. This is a wonderful aspect we can feel all of Tuesday and Wednesday. There is an ease here that allows us to transition from any old 3D thinking to 5D. So use this opportunity to do so.

Uranus rules awareness and, even Soul awareness, which is 5D. It is out-of-the-box thinking, bizarre and crazy ideas, freedom-oriented flashes that shake us out of our ruts. In Aries, Uranus has been helping each of us find our OWN path to freedom. Aries rules the self. Whatever House you have Uranus Transiting is the House where you have lots of regular change.

Venus in Leo is ‘girls just wanna have fun’ energy where an ease with our own sense of freedom totally jives with it. We are willing to spend our own money to have more fun lately and that seems to just spark our desires for freedom more. That is some of this energy. Though there could also be some very creative flashes of insight that you can earn some money from. Or some amazing time to be spent with your children that is more freeing than the usual grind around home. Whatever comes through in flashes for you, pay attention. Your desires (Venus) are being infused (Trine) with self-awareness (Uranus) and a need for more freedom. Shift it into higher gear and go into Soul-awareneess. There is the magic!

At 4:30am the Sun ingresses Libra creating the Fall Equinox. It is a fresh new season designed to bring grace and refinement to our lives. With Venus Trine Uranus in the Equinox chart, we can expect to have more fun and freedom over the next 90 days as well.

At 8:48am Mercury Retrograde at 14:01 Libra Semi-Squares Mars at 29:01 Leo. This is Mar’s last aspect before he ingresses Libra and meets the North Node there. Mercury in Libra is refined communication, but in an irritation aspect to Mars, it won’t feel refined. Words are more likely to be forceful. But with some awareness you can ride this out to your advantage, if you can catch yourself.

By afternoon things take a nicer tone. At 2:36pm the Sun at 0:25 Libra Sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. This is some productive work between insight into 2 new energies. The Sun will be providing some clarity around our relating-ships while Saturn is holding us to achieving a higher perspective around things. With them both in new Signs, we will begin to see what their Transits through these Signs will be bringing. Look for clarity as you go throughout your day. It will show you the ‘big picture’ around some area of your life.

But at 4:00pm we end the day on the most helpful note… a magical aspect between our conscious mind and our subconscious. Magical words that come up from the depths is what this will be. Mercury Retrograde at 13:48 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 7:48 Pisces. Any time these 2 Planets make magic together, it is sooo awesome. Here magical words can pop out of nowhere, from the depths of your Soul bringing magic into your conscious world. In a hard aspect, its not so pretty many times. But the Biquintile will smooth over all the issues you have had before and bring you into a new way of thinking about things. Words towards you or from you will bring magic to some relating-ship situation. A very nice way to wrap up the day.

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