Daily Aspects – Sep 24 – Soulful Clarity

With the Sun ingressing Libra to create the Fall Equinox, we are in a new season. Over the next 3 days leading to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Sun will begin to provide us clarity around our relating-ships that lead us to the super-charged, emotional reset button of the Eclipse itself. The Lunar Eclipse occurs with the Moon at 4:50 Aries and the Sun at 4:50 Libra.

The Aries/Libra axis of the Zodiac Wheel is where we have to strike a balance between our self-centered (centered in self) motivations and our reciprocal, balanced relating-ships. With the Sun newly in Libra, we will begin to SEE more clearly (clarity/Sun) our relating-ship balance.

But before the Sun and Moon Oppose to create the Lunar Eclipse, at 5:06am on Thursday (so we will feel it applying all of Wednesday and separating Thursday), the Sun at 1:01 Libra Conjuncts the North Node in Libra.This is Soulful clarity.

The North Node is a point, not a Planet or Planetary body. It is a measurement between Sun and Moon that show us the Signs where the Eclipses will take place. The North Node moves clockwise around the Zodiac Wheel taking 18.5 years to complete. The Eclipse cycles last that long and are tied to the North Node placement.

In your Natal Chart, the North Node shows your Soulful/evolutionary path in this lifetime. The South Node, 180 degrees Opposite the North Node, shows your past-life ease or success. In this lifetime, it can be your ‘drain.’ Though this is not always the case and that is why personal Readings are so important. As the North Node Transits through the various Signs, spending 18 months in each, we are being taught some Soul-Level lesson/s. The North Node has been Transiting Libra since Feb 18, 2014. We have been learning Libran lessons of serenity and deep, inner balance within our psyche. Libra rules relationships (3D) or relating-ships (5D). But to have a healthy relating-ship, you must be balanced internally providing fertile soil for it. This has been the purpose of the North Node in Libra.

The South Node has been serving its purpose as well. The South Node in Aries has been teaching us how to let go of anger, a lower vibration of Aries, willfulness that doesn’t serve us in our outer world. We must release these things to strike the balance the North Node is asking. The North and South Node are called the ‘Nodes of Fate’ for a good reason. If you have any Planets Square to where the North and South Node are Transiting, you may well know about these Soulful lessons. I have had 4 in just the last year and they ARE powerful. A Reading would help you make sense of the lesson so you can move through it successfully.

So as the Sun approaches the North Node on Wednesday and separates on Thursday, there are many opportunities for Soulful (North Node) Clarity (Sun) around your relating-ships (Libra). Look for the clarity… it will be there. And it is powerful:)

At 6:26pm on Thursday evening, Mercury Retrograde at 12:59 Libra Squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. This is Mercury’s 2nd Square to Pluto. The first one was on Sep 9 and the 3rd one will be on Oct 22. Pluto will be Direct by the 3rd Square from Mercury. Right now, Pluto is stopped dead in the sky as he prepares to Station Direct at 2:58am on Friday morning. So this words (Mercury) spoken to you or from you will resound very powerfully. The Square is stress in 3D, or growth and challenge in 5D. Rise to the challenge and see how you can use diplomacy, tact and reciprocity (Libran ways) to guide you in dealing with someone in ‘authority’ over you. The real test is to NOT surrender your own authority by knowing how to be kind and compromising as any good Libran is. See if you can find a link between words spoken on Sep 9 and now and then watch for the story to continue on Oct 22.

Friday is all about our motivations as Mars makes the only aspects on Friday and Saturday. He will meet with Karma (3D)/accountability (5D), Saturn, and Soulful lessons from the North Node.

We will hear some uplifting words on Sunday shortly before the Lunar Eclipse. Do you KNOW what/who is being Eclipsed in YOUR life? Good time for a Reading;)

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