Super Blood Moon Eclipse and End-Time Scenarios

Let me just say that I find it hysterical that Pastor Agee is now touting any Planetary body as indicative of ‘God’s timing’. For centuries, the ‘church’ has tried to stifle anyone’s understanding of Astrology. They created the Gregorian Calendar, for goodness sakes, precisely to divorce people’s awareness from natural law to man-made law. People stopped watching the stars and started watching their calendars.

And yet, his use of ‘fear-mongering’ here is nothing more than his own ‘vanity mind’ (Mercury, the mind cut off from source) getting carried away with itself. Or, probably he does believe differently, but he will say these things to keep people ‘tithing’ to their churches over fear of Christ’s return and their Judgment Day.

A Super Moon is simply a Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at her closest point on his elliptical orbit to the Earth. This happens rather frequently. When the Moon is this close, she is much brighter and bigger adding to her gravitational pull and her ability to heighten our emotions. The Moon rules Cancer, which is Cardinal (aka initiating) Emotion. The Moon evokes your emotions as part of her energies and purpose. That is why Full Moon ARE more emotional times.

A Full Moon Eclipse with a Super Moon is not all rare. This is the 3rd one since 1910.

Most of my metaphysical quest started at the time of the Millennium Bug scare around 1998. At that time, most computer programmers entered dates into their programming that would ‘run out’ at the end of 1999. There was talk of ‘what will happen’ when the computers can’t turn over their internal clocks to 2000. And so this issue garnered quite a bit of media attention.

About this same time, I was going through my Pluto Square Pluto transit (we all go through this ‘mid-life’ transit, mine was earlier than mid-life;) which was transforming all of my basic belief systems. As a Sun Sign Scorpio, I needed to KNOW the truth about life and death, as Pluto rules Scorpio and ‘death’ in a 3D sense (transformation in 5D sense). What an extremely powerful Transit for me because it was the starting point of ALL that I blog about today. I have been writing an email newsletter for 3.5 years now as my awareness has evolved to 5D Astrology.

That entire year of that Transit, I wrote my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug. You can still find old copies on today. But as mankind has feared mass extinction for millennia, I was curious to know how this all worked… death, mass extinction… definitely a LOT of Pluto involved in my search.

I basically came to the conclusion that if mankind were facing global catastrophe, we would NOT see looting and shooting and all sorts of crime, but rather the OPPOSITE. I begin to feel that compassion, which is NO FEAR, would be the REAL outcome of such a concept. And so I went looking to science to see how this could actually play out.

My 2nd book, which I have started in cover form, was titled, ‘Becoming Noble.’ Because I realized that as in Chemistry, all noble elements are chemically stable and when In a state of compassion, we become chemically stable AND compassion spreads. Over 33 days of my novel, starting with 2 people holding compassion, the wave spread, compounding to exceed the population of the world on the 33 day. All as we faced the common threat of the ‘end of time’… computer time that is.

Today, my understanding is vastly more simplified even. In 3D, the vanity mind of man (as the Bible calls it and I like how perfect it is) is Mercury. Mercury is closest to the Sun and seems blinded by the Sun’s rays so much that he blocks out the other Planetary energies creating his own ‘vanity’ ideas and thoughts. Mercury rules your conscious mind… the mind that VIEWS the world. This is the mind that wants to QUANTIFY the outer world in order to ‘master’ it, but in the counting begins to SEE limitation. EVERYTHING is going to RUN OUT… DIE OFF… be DESTROYED. Because Mercury SEES death, but he misses out on seeing the transformation of energy which returns us again for another incarnation (which is the TRUTH about Pluto… not that he rules death, but that he rules the TRANSFORMATION/REGENERATION of energy).

The REALITY of our Universe is that it keep on growing things, creating new things, our world keeps revolving, even while we are AFRAID that it won’t. We can call that Neptune, the mind of our collective god-head. Neptune is where people experience ‘faith’ that things will be okay. They have ‘faith’ that some unseen force (our collective unconscious) will hold everything together in spite of our fear). And it does.

When we reach the end of our conscious mind’s fear, we open into the limitless knowledge of our own subconscious and our collective unconscious mind, making it conscious. And so we live to experience new realities without ending any of them. We just continue to experience as the energy moves us. Freewill is a lie of 3D. The more you understand the purpose of the Planets as a reflection of what is within us, the more you will be able to let go of all fear, all judgment, all anxieties and open into the magical experience of being a ‘Merlin.’

For this reason, I tell Christians that the Book of Revelation should be called the Book of Uranus (which rules revelation and unexpected things). And if they read the Bible WITHOUT FEAR (aka returned to the ‘Garden’, redeemed from the ‘fall’) they would see it is nothing but amazing revelation coming through to each of us as we enter into 5D reality, the Neo-Cortex Brain, the Astrological Age of Aquarius, Emmanuel (god within, via Uranus’ god-like revelation).

Shift happens. Rising consciousness happens. But NOT by focusing on the old physical realities your lower (Mercury) mind saw. You need to shift into a Higher Mind (Neptune, Uranus) to CHANGE what you SEE. THAT is how we were ‘made in the image of God.;)

Long story short…. there is NO end to time… because there is NO time;) No Planets orbit in a straight line so linear time has always been a vanity construct, right, Mercury?

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