Daily Aspects – Sep 27 – LUNAR ECLIPSE

ONE DAY to the Lunar Eclipse!

Of course the big news is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring at 10:50pm EST on Sunday night.

At about 3:30pm on Sunday, the Moon will enter Aries and begin applying to Oppose the Sun creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. From that time on, we will begin to feel the pull on our emotions to move into some sort of ‘resolving’ what we feel via the clarity the Sun provides. We will KNOW how we feel at the Eclipse. If you have a relationship you have been trying to leave behind so you can move on, THIS is the perfect energy to do just that.

The Moon is in Aries, the Sign of self and so you will be feeling how YOU want to proceed in contrast to how your relationship is going and has gone (Sun in Libra). You can set your clock to the precise time and be amazed that you will FEEL the emotional reset. And you thought you were in control;)… lol. There is a timing for everything under the Sun!

There is much technical details that could be discussed here, but in 5D Astrology, the philosophy is: ‘If you can’t FEEL it, what does it matter?… Start with FEELING the energies and building your awareness from there.’ If you have awareness that you need more insight, then just ask. But I don’t like to provide your lower/vanity Mercury mind with irrelevant facts that it trips over again and again keeping you stuck in lower consciousness. Even viewing the Eclipse is far less important than FEELING it! If any Astrology is true, it came from FEELING the Planetary energies rather than studying the calculations and formulas like you used to do in Algebra class;)

With the Moon just entering Aries, there is one last aspect before the Eclipse. At 4:22pm Mercury Retrograde at 10:11 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 10:11 Virgo. This is a minor aspect, but it will involve some thought or communication that expresses something about your relating-ships and a new philosophy you are beginning to develop around your work, duty and service to others. See what gets said. Mercury Retrograde is moving back to Conjunct the Sun in Libra on the morning of Sep 30.

We are beginning to narrow in on the reality of our relating-ships with first the Eclipse and then the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. This next week will be a very clarifying time around relating-ship issues. So see how the Planets do their dance to put everything in order for you.

If you can FEEL the daily aspects that affect each of us, (in part the same way and in the other part differently as well), then you are well on your way to seeing how the Universe is structured and why.

Of course the day ends with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which has the Moon Opposite the Sun at 4:40 Aries and Libra respectively. You can rest easy Sunday night knowing that you will wake up feeling your path out of any old relating-ships and your path into any new relating-ships. On the 30th, words spoken then will reflect the real-time status of things.

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