5D Astrology of Bi-Polarity

In August of 2010, before I had full awareness of 5D Astrology, I began a year-long Transit of Transiting Neptune Square my Natal Sun (Chiron was also Square, but on the 2nd pass and a longer Transit). This Personal Transit coincided with a Cardinal T-Square forming between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. A whole lot of relationship shaking was going on!

Uranus was just barely into Aries and was already Transiting my 11th House. Uranus rules awareness, Astrology, Aquarius and the 11th House. My awareness was beginning to take even more Quantum leaps beyond the novel I wrote in 1998, titled Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug.

At this time I met a guy through a Facebook friend (Uranus rules social network) that I was chatting with for about a few weeks before he made a visit to see me. We hit it off right away, as Venus was ingressing Libra, conjuncting a few 5D asteroids (Eros and Vesta) as well as Saturn and exacting an Opposition to Uranus in Aries. And, the Moon in early Cancer made the Cardinal T-Square into a Grand Cardinal Cross set to transform both of us via our attraction. It was an electrifying meeting and, true to form with Uranus involved, it would be a thrilling ride that wouldn’t last forever. It did surprisingly, make it a few years, tho!

Over the course of Neptune Square my Sun, right after our 1st meeting, I had 2 very vivid dreams that told me a few things about what was ahead. Neptune rules dreams, subconscious/all-knowing mind, and it can create some deception or confusion around the areas he touches. Square to my 29:39 Scorpio Sun, he was confusing some intimacy issues.

One of the dreams I woke up with a quote: “The conscious mind wants to know the answer, but the spiritual heart asks what does it matter.” I was aware that I would know very little about this man as things moved forward, but I should trust the process as I am very good at following Neptune’s fog with trust. I understand his nebulous guiding hand as my Natal Mercury is Conjunct my Natal Neptune… I have no firewall between my conscious and subconscious minds. Add to that my Natal Uranus makes a 5D/magical aspect to my Natal Neptune and I have flashes of insight that guide me in following my subconscious mind (both are very nice Merlin Mind placements for me).

Getting to the meat of this post, I will jump forward and tell you that during one of a series of Eclipses to my 12th House of subconscious by Rising Sign, I knew he was diagnosed Bi-Polar several years before I met him. Would have been at his Closing Chiron Square Chiron in Aries Transit.

Eclipses in the 12th House, Karmic Planet Transits and many other aspects are how I LEARNED Astrology… I learned it FROM the Planets and not from a ‘course’. I AM an Astrologer as Uranus Transiting the 11th House and Natal Uranus Opposite my Midheaven was designed to make me. It helps that my North Node is in my 11th House by Sun Sign and this summer Transiting Uranus began making the 1st of 3 double-magic/5D aspects to my Natal North Node. The next one will occur starting Oct 1st as Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts my Natal North Node in Virgo!

So, back to the Bi-Polar thing. At one of the Lunar Eclipses in my 12th House, about 9 months after we met, I woke up knowing about Bi-Polar and how to find it in the chart.

If you ask most people who are Bi-Polar (though I don’t really advise it unless you know them well), if they were sexually molested as a young child, they will probably say ‘yes.’ Thankfully, shame around these things has left us along with all of our other Karmic shames at the end of the Mayan Calendar (video presentation coming soon that shows how this happened). I usually start, however, with the question, “Were you raised in a conservative Christian (or any other religion) home and family?” I can see they were probably molested in their charts.

The Eclipse showed me the entire scenario that exists for most children who experience this.

Looking at the lifetime they are on out of 9, their Black Moon Lillith placement, their Mercury, Chiron and Saturn can all point to various aspects of this same story. After the awareness comes, I always meet people who confirm my awareness when I look at their charts and talk to them.

These people have tough Karma to resolve from their previous lifetimes so there are early-childhood (Mercury) traumas (Chiron) that force them to begin working on it. Most often, they are molested. But as they are overtly erotic children (via BML placement), their conservative family subconsciously ‘blames’ them and ignores their cries for help. Their family can’t accept what they are telling them. The entire molestation gets repressed if they want to live with their families. There is a lot of old ‘Catholic guilt’ here where no one believed these children’s stories and so they assisted the families in removing them from the homes and placing them in mental hospitals or under drugs that kept them from reliving it.

When they are forced to live in a reality that doesn’t line up with their own, they become bi-polar because their subconscious fears are still lurking there waiting to be dealt with. What furthers the bi-polar mind is that the ‘wounding’ issue is never faced as they can’t look within for fear of their subconscious fears destroying them or their family.

Sleep is when we enter into our subconscious and maintain an equilibrium between our conscious and subconscious worlds. If you can’t face your subconscious, your conscious (Mercury) mind will automatically keep you awake with your mind doing circles of nonsense thought so you DON’T fall into a deep enough sleep to access your subconscious mind and achieve REM sleep.

Without dealing with your Chiron wounding (Natal Chiron in Aries is a common placement) and/or Karmic issues, you can NOT sleep and bi-polarity is the end result.

To reverse the condition, one must KNOW what their Karma is… they must KNOW what their ‘wounding’ is and why… it is helpful to know why this is happening at the Soul-Level and ways to let go and begin to sleep again.

All of this is best done with a few Phone Readings or Written Reports to assist them in addressing the Karma, the wounding and to move into a space where their subconscious mind doesn’t scare them. A Merlin Mind Report works here, too, as they need to learn how THEIR mind works so they can master the energies rather than to be a ‘victim’ to them.

Its true, there is no insurance coverage for these services. But it will affect you so profoundly that you will find a way.

5D Astrology is ABOUT understanding things at the Soul-Level so you can unlock WHO you are and begin to play in this reality rather than to be trapped by it!

To see more about this issue through a 5D Astrology lens, leave a comment:)

It also turns out that as Venus Stationed Direct in June of 2012, I remembered 2 past lifetimes with this guy. We share a soulmate aspect and I was there for him during some Transits that he needed me for. Neptune Square my Sun just told me to give him unconditional love and help him on his path.

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