Daily Aspects – Sep 30 – Inferior Conjunction

Tuesday and Wednesday are days very tightly tied together aspect-wise as Mercury and the Sun both make an ‘adjustment’ aspect to Neptune. Mercury does so as he is applying to his Conjunction with the Sun and the Sun does so as he is separating from their Inferior Conjunction. With Neptune so intimately involved in their Conjunction, it bodes well for getting a deeper meaning of the ‘seeds’ of clarifying (Sun) communication (Mercury) we will have on Tuesday night and all of Wednesday.

Beginning on Wednesday morning, Mercury Retrograde will Conjunct the Sun in Libra creating their Inferior Conjunction of their roughly 165-day cycle. They have 3 Inferior Conjunctions and 3 Superior Conjunctions each year. The Sun rules real-time, clarity and our goals. Mercury rules communication, thoughts and ideas as well as local transportation, vehicles, siblings, neighbors, local community and such. When Mercury gets far ahead of the Sun, our ‘vanity’ mind kicks in big time and we start thinking ridiculous things as he is untethered to ‘reality’. Think of things like the ‘dot.com’ bomb and such as Mercury rules aspects of technology, marketing and sales of stuff that has no real basis in reality. So 6 days each year, we get our ‘Reality Check’ as Mercury Conjuncts the Sun.

The Inferior Conjunction (when they meet as Mercury is Retrograde) is the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun helps us set new goals and with Mercury Conjunct the Sun, we can set the most realistic goals. Then Mercury dips behind the Sun and we have to move forward with our vanity mind having less strength to trip us up. It is our best opportunity to make headway using our Higher Minds to carry out the goals the Sun gave us clarity around.

To have both Mercury and Sun making a Quincunx (adjustment aspect) to Neptune just BEFORE (Mercury) and just AFTER (Sun), we have the strongest type of Sun/Mercury cycle to work with here. The fact that they are meeting in the Sign of Libra, which rules relating-ships, social consensus, refined behavior, diplomacy and reciprocity, means that we will be adjusting our conscious mind and goals to our new collective unconscious. Why is our collective unconscious ‘new’? Well, Neptune and Pisces rule ‘ending’ of cycles of things. Neptune rules Pisces and as he Transits through this Sign, we really ARE birthing a new collective unconscious. (I will be posting more about this in the near future, so check back to find it.)

Mercury in Retrograde has been revising our ideas about relationship/relating-ship since he Stationed Retrograde on Sep 18. As he meets the Sun, we will ‘see’ where things really stand. Watch all words and communications on Tuesday night and Wednesday. They will be clarifying and allow you to sense the new goals the Sun has in store for you. Remember, you are NOT choosing things (that would be Mercury’s vanity to think that you do), you are simply getting clear on where the Planetary energies are taking you.

So here are the technical details of Wednesday’s aspects:

At 10:38am the Sun at 7:07 Libra Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde. This is the aspect where we have very clear thoughts and ideas that show us where our reality is moving regarding relating-ships. It is the START of a new 165-day cycle between our thoughts, ideas, communications and our goals and real-time. Things spoken close to this Conjunction put 2 of our Personal Planets ‘in sync’ and allow us to see what is ahead without the insanity of Mercury too far ahead of our reality.

At 5:13pm Saturn at 1:00 Sagittarius Sextiles the North Node at 1:00 Libra. This is a productive aspect between accountability (Saturn) to our philosophies (Sagittarius) and our Soul’s purpose in creating deep, inner serenity that allows us to maintain our balance in relating-ships. This is a helpful aspect that shows us some of the beginnings of Saturn’s Transit through Sagittarius while showing us the ending of the North Node’s Transit in Libra. Its a great aspect to see how you are doing in staying balanced in times that test your philosophies. This may be a harder aspect to sense as there is only accountability and Soulfulness involved. Go deep to see what you feel at this time.

At 11:05pm the Sun at 7:38 Libra Quincunx Neptune Retrograde at 7:38 Pisces. This is clarity over some thoughts, ideas and communications that occurred Tuesday night as Mercury made his adjustment to Neptune on the same degree (only one minute apart!). These 2 aspects to Neptune (Tues night and Wed night) complete a very important 3-way aspect between clarity, conscious mind and subconscious mind. with Neptune bracketing the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, we can expect this Inferior Conjunction to go very deep into aligning our new ‘goals’ of the Inferior Conjunction with a knowing (Neptune) of how we will achieve them. Neptune in aspect to both of these Personal Planets makes the Inferior Conjunction have an impact of ALL of us at the SAME TIME! We are ALL getting over too much possessiveness in relationships, getting over the need to contract with someone for their future. We are learning to be less concerned with our ‘others’ and more centered on ourselves… which fosters better relating to others. See what clarity comes through for you over the adjusted words you heard or spoke on Tuesday night.

And so the day wraps up with the 3 Karmic Planets making aspects today: Mercury (where our duality mind starts), Saturn and Neptune. We are out of the era of Karma, but with Neptune still Retrograde, we are looking back at some of those old ideas we used to share collectively. We will be preparing to enter more fully into our new collective unconscious as Neptune Stations Direct on Nov 19. As he is Stationing at 7+ degrees of Pisces over a 6-week period, Saturn in Sagittarius will Square Neptune and they will begin ‘dissolving the structures’ of our old 3D reality.

We are making leaps and bounds into a brave, new world…. a world where Mercury will only be used a ‘lens’ and not ‘teacher’.

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