Daily Aspects – Oct 1 – Willful Awareness

To keep us on track with where we ‘are’ at this given moment, it is always helpful to consider the entire solar system at one time. Right now we have 2 of our Higher Minds in Retrograde still as well as Mercury. The remainder of the Planets are in Direct motion and operating at their full strength and in a ‘direct’ fashion.

Having 3 ‘Mind’ Planets in Retrograde creates a rather interesting sense of things that are usually lost on those who follow their Gregorian calendar faithfully. When a Planet is in Retrograde motion, we are ‘looking back’ to review things we have already seen as the Planet passed those same degrees in Direct motion. The Planets’ energies are weaker and less available to us because of this ‘review’ time. This shift is very subtle when dealing with Uranus and Neptune, but when they Station Direct (Dec 26 and Nov 19 respectively), you can really feel the difference. And if you feel it, you will have a download of new insights from Uranus and an up-swelling of new views from Neptune. Right now our they are taking us back through our ‘old’ ideas from the view of the ‘new’ stuff they gave us on the first pass.

Mercury Retrograde is a more acute feeling that many can sense even if they have no clue it is Mercury Retrograde. Those born with Mercury Retrograde (roughly 8% of the population) feel better during this time. They are in sync with his Retrograde pass. These people are always understanding their ‘future’ by looking through the rear-view mirror. They can take a long time grasping new ideas as they have to internally process it before they can ‘own’ it.

So now is not really the best time to make bold new moves in higher consciousness as we are still processing where we are in light of shifting times. But the posts that I will be writing, such as the ones on topics of ‘cancer, bi-polarity and addiction’ are best viewed at this time to see how our ideas are all shifting towards very new understandings. Thank you Uranus and Neptune for this time of review of these old paradigms;)

I am writing this newsletter on Wednesday morning as the Sun Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 7:07 Libra. This is the most clarifying communication right now. As Mercury made an adjustment aspect to Neptune last night (Tuesday) and the Sun will tonight (Wednesday), we have some very powerfully clarifying communication around relating-ships and our subconscious hang-ups.

To bring in Uranus Retrograde to the mix of things, at 5:37am on Thursday morning, Mars at 3:56 Virgo Sesquares Uranus Retrograde at 18:56 Aries. Mars rules motivation, will and actions. Uranus rules awareness, shocking, bizarre, unexpected ideas and insights. So while Mars isn’t receiving this insight into one of our ‘minds’, if you watch your actions you will see how Uranus works and he IS a Higher Mind. The Sesquare (Sesquiquadrate) is an aspect that once you make an adjustment, there will be an ease. On Wednesday night, you will probably find yourself doing something surprising to you. Something unexpected. Uranus is directing your actions and the result will you moving (Mars/Aries) towards freedom or philanthropy (Uranus) and/or service (Virgo).

In hard aspect these 2 Planets create accidents. But in this case, there is an opportunity to make an adjustment that brings about an unexpected, easy outcome. Mars is not prone to thinking before he acts, but Uranus just overrides his mind and MOVES him from within. You won’t have time to think about what you are doing, but once you do it, think about ‘why’ and that will be Uranus.

Maybe you will just organize your closet (Virgo is all about organization), or you will simply return a tool your borrowed from your neighbor and bring a plate of cookies you just made, too. Whatever it is, it will be done for the effect of service to another is a form of philanthropy you should practice more often;)

There is MUCH to Astrology of all kinds. But my purpose here is to help you FEEL the Planets each day as a way of you beginning to sense their energies for yourself. That increases your self-awareness and from there the Universe is your oyster shell;)

Ordering a Daily Transit Report is the next step to FEELING your Natal Chart and expressing YOU to the Universe;)

The 3rd step is Regular Readings that allow you to pull it all together and distinguish what you are feeling and verifying you have the right energies identified.

But I have it on strong authority (from Uranus) that you can pick it all up in 3-6 months by following my Daily Aspects, your Daily Transit Report and Regular Readings. In these Readings I will get into the various Soul-Level insights you need in order to master 5D Astrology and Soul-awareness.

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