October – Jupiter Makes Magic with Uranus and Ease with Pluto

If you have been feeling over-worked or like you have let someone down with all your drinking (or other escapism tendencies) throughout September, then the first 2 weeks of October will have you feeling so much better:)

Since Jupiter ingressed (entered) Virgo on Aug 12, many of us have been busier than usual in some area of our lives. Virgo rules work, health, fitness, day-to-day activities, to-do lists, service/duty, volunteering, accounting, bosses, co-workers and roommates. Jupiter expands things and, while he is fortunate, for a Virgo having ‘plenty to do’ is a fortunate thing. Virgo is my 11th House, which rules Astrology, by Sun Sign, and I have definitely been writing more each and everyday!

Jupiter Transits in each Zodiac Sign is roughly one year. In Virgo, Jupiter is helping us to develop a new philosophy around how we can better serve others and how service towards others brings us fortunate outcomes. The last year, as he Transited Leo, we were having lots of fun and entertainment or were having more children and pursuing creative venues. Now we are in a more serious mode around ‘work’ and productivity.

While in Virgo, Jupiter has been, and will continue to be, aspecting the Outer Planets making for some various energies that we will all experience.

His first aspect was a Ses-Square to Uranus on Sep 2. This was an adjustment between 2 Higher Mind Planets that resulted in an ‘ease’. Jupiter is expanding work, but Uranus in Aries has been spurring our need for personal freedom since 2011. With Jupiter newly in Virgo, we were making an adjustment around our own needs for freedom with our need to serve others. We should have found some ease once we adjusted ourselves here.

Then on Sep 17, Jupiter Opposed Neptune in Pisces. We were feeling this aspect strongly for the entire month of September and the energy is just easing up now. This expanded our escapism tendencies. Many people were drinking and drugging more than usual. Some, however, were cutting back because Jupiter helped them to ‘see’, from a larger perspective’, what their actions were doing to themselves. Neptune/Pisces is where we ‘undo’ ourselves without knowing why… typically. With Jupiter, however, we can get a fresh perspective on our actions and self-correct. It could have gone either way for you or anyone else. Likely as they were applying to their Opposition, you were ‘escaping’ more (maybe even into your work;). As they were separating, you may have noticed your pattern and taken steps to self-correct your behavior.

The best use of Astrology is to help us see how WE have a very unique set of circumstances in our lives and that there is NO one formula to fix everybody’s issues. But when big aspects like this hit, we all have some similar and dissimilar responses to them. This is how we can KNOW we are all unique and ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’ is a not a suitable label for most anything. Astrology can provide you more definition of your issues and why.

As we enter October, Jupiter is moving out of his Opposition and to Neptune and making 2 very helpful aspects over the next 2 weeks. We should pay close attention to get the most use from them. Both aspects will likely help us learn more about how our ‘escapism’ patterns have affected others and how we can gain more control over things.

On Oct 9, the day Mercury Stations Direct as well, Jupiter will Biquintile Uranus  in Aries. This is what I call a ‘double-magic/5D’ aspect. We are now moving from the adjustment-to-an-ease aspect discussed above and into one where we now have the ability to use our individual (Aries) awareness for freedom (Uranus) to help us serve others (Virgo) more (Jupiter).

Is it possible that as we help others we are really helping ourselves find more freedom of movement? Is serving others (Virgo) truly good for the Soul (Uranus is Soul-awareness)? Do we feel more free when in service to others? Does taking the focus off of ourselves make us more productive and efficient and happier as a result? All of these are strong probabilities with Jupiter in Virgo right now. It will be exciting to see what happens. Because Uranus is the King of uniqueness AND the social network. What he brings to you in flashes of insight are both for YOU and serve us in knitting into the growing trends of the collective. So watch for awareness on how to better serve others that helps you have more freedom, too. Apparently, the 2 are not incompatible. And, in fact, with this aspect, the results will feel magical!

Then on Oct 11, Jupiter will Trine Pluto in Capricorn. The aspect above and this aspect are so close that their energies will overlap creating a very helpful time to deal with authorities (Capricorn), bosses (VIrgo) and still have your own freedom of movement. Whatever work you are doing will likely grab the attention of these authority figures and help you to expand your social status as a result. If you have had any difficulties from various father-like and public authorities, now is the time to deal with these things and you will find how easily situations can be resolved. Be willing to do some community service and that could go a long way towards minimizing any other legal (Jupiter rules legal matters) issues. As you are meeting with any authorities, remember your magical awareness from Uranus so you know how to handle things.

So, let’s say you ran into an issue, legal (Jupiter) or otherwise, with your ‘escapism’ tendencies (Neptune) in September, the next 2 weeks are your best time to deal with things and to find a way to ‘stay out of jail’ while maintaining your personal freedom (Uranus in Aries) while you choose to serve others more (Jupiter in Virgo). Go for the service and all your other issues will likely fall to the wayside.

The other possibility is that you will develop your own new philosophy of managing your escapism tendencies in a healthy manner so you can keep your freedom while working hard and increasing your social status.

These next 2 weeks will be so helpful to many. Develop that new philosophy around service and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

In November, Jupiter will make 2 aspects that will test your new philosophy. Now’s the time to get a new perspective on things.

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