Mars Opposes Neptune – Willful Over-Indulgence?

As all Virgos know too well, if you don’t stick to your ‘to-do list’, you can end up in a void of self-pity that is hard to escape from. And so Virgos work and do.

As Mars entered Virgo on Sep 25, he has given us plenty of nervous energy to try to manage. Those with their Natal Mars in Virgo understand this nervous energy all too well. For roughly 6 weeks, we all get to experience what this Natal placement is like.

You may recall that Jupiter is in Virgo, right now at 11+ degrees and has just separated from an Opposition to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces that was in orb all throughout September. These are the 2 Planets that when in a hard aspect create addictions, over-indulgence, excessive drinking, drugging or sexing (for those with Natal Neptune in Scorpio;).

Now as Mars applies to his exact Opposition to Neptune, which occurs at 7:30 degrees of Virgo and Pisces, we can have a willful motivation (Mars) to over-indulge in these things again. However, it is also possible that the last month has increased someone’s anger (Mars) at us for our recent behaviors.

Virgo is the Sign of health, work, service, duty. And Mars here can make us very productive if we use it. But this Opposition to Neptune can be Mar’s self-undoing. Rather than acting healthily, he may be acting willfully at escaping and have a wake-up call from someone in our lives that wants to stop the excess. Saturn (which is restriction and the other Karmic Planet along with Neptune) is in a loose Square to both Neptune and Mars. Saturn is the ‘stop’ energy of Mar’s ‘go’ energy. Thankfully Mars has passed his Square to Saturn or there would be more ‘hell’ to pay.

What the opportunity for this aspect is, especially for those with addictive behaviors, is for us to ‘relive/repeat’ our past patterns (Mercury is Retrograde and we are looking at our past) so that we can ‘see’ (Sun will make magic to Neptune at the same time Mars is exacting his Opposition) that we need to leave these behaviors behind once and for all.

Mars is energy that causes us to act before we think. It is heroism in his best sense or negligence in a lower sense. Mars rules the self. With this Opposition, there is NO ONE ELSE who can save you from your self-undoing (subconscious/Neptune/Pisces) BUT YOURSELF. You have to have the willpower in the face of such an easy chance to escape. You have to STOP yourself from going over the edge and losing all that you have built. You have to decide that YOUR willpower is stronger than the lure of the Siren’s call to move into the fog and lose yourself.

You have to see that this line-up, first with Jupiter and now Mars, is showing you ways that you can do it. Try to use your strength (Mars) to serve  yourself (Virgo). Neptune in Pisces is bringing us to a new collective unconscious where we will NOT succumb to these old demons of 3D and the Limbic Brain of pain/pleasure roller-coaster.

Now is the time for YOU, Mars, to step up and find your way out of your malaise and be the conqueror of your own demons that you can be.

Over the next week, until Mercury Stations Direct on Oct 9, is a great time for self (Mars) reflection (Neptune) to correct your old behaviors and move out of them into the new 5D reality that we are birthing. You GOT this! See how you are more powerful than your demons.

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  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me, but then I suppose that’s the point, eh? Thank you for the wake up call before I / we get hit. 🙂

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