Corrective Action – Mars Gets Set Straight

As we near the exact Opposition of Mars to Neptune set for 10:53pm on Tuesday night, you may notice that many people are ‘taking action’ to lead a healthier, more productive life (Virgo) rather than continuing to lose themselves in the nebulous void of Neptunian escapist activities, like excessive drinking, drugging, sexting and procrastination of all forms.

I have already heard several good friends make this declaration over the last few days. Some did it earlier as Jupiter Opposed Neptune in mid-Sep, but the rest seem to be getting motivated now with the help of Mars.

Over the weekend, after I posted for the first time about the Mars-Neptune Opposition, I had a ‘like’ from a blog called ‘Gains Lifestyle’ and I understand why the ‘Mars’ article caught their attention. Besides the usual ‘vices’ of Neptune, some people actually DO over-work or over-work-out as their means of over-indulgence. One can argue whether these ‘vices’ are better or not. Typically, it comes from people with heavy Mars energy or even Natal Mars in Virgo. Various Mars/Aries placements create a nervous energy that can only be managed effectively with vast (Neptune) amounts of physical exertion. The results DO look vastly different from the person who over-indulges in alcohol or drugs;) Just check out their blog!

Anyway, if you are delaying (Neptune) action (Mars) to get a better handle on your own ‘actions’ right now to promote better health and productivity… well, TODAY is THAT DAY! Don’t avoid (Neptune), don’t make excuses (Neptune), jump (Mars) into the game of life and get busy creating something you would like to see. You will have the wind at your back as Mars stays another month in Virgo getting you motivated to follow-through and to succeed.

Just DO IT!

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