Daily Aspects – Oct 8 – Conscious Soulfulness

Mercury Retrograde is slowing down for his Direct Station which will exact at 10:57am on Friday morning. While he is crawling, as he is on Thursday, he has more of our concentrated attention to get us to notice the revisions he has been taking us through. If you know not to trust Mercury’s ideas because you understand your Higher Mind Planets (see Merlin Mind), then you haven’t had that much to revise. You knew to be patient while there were some hiccups to plans around you.

At this slow pace, Mercury will encounter the Transiting North Node 2 more times in the next few days. They will be in such a tight orb, that they will be grinding in some Soul-Level lesson into our conscious mind. It will be important to pay attention to see what words get spoken over these days. Try to see how your Soul speaks differently than your conscious, vanity mind. Soulfulness will break through giving your words depth and significance. You will be speaking about 5D relating-ships rather than the old 3D relationship and you will hardly be aware until you hear your own words or those of another.

The North Node ingressed Libra on Feb 18, 2014 for an 18 month stay. Through this Transit, we have been learning Soul-Level lessons around how developing our own deep, inner serenity and balance allows us to enter into a new dimensional understanding of ‘relating’ to others. If you have met someone significant and tried to ‘hold onto them,’ you may have noticed how easily they slip away as you were holding too tight. While the Universe has resolved our old 3D Karmic Relationships over the last 5 years, we are now in a place where we don’t have any more separation consciousness. We KNOW at the Soul-Level that no one is separate from us and so we don’t need to hold on. Still, there have likely been some challenges over these 17 months as we were receiving this Lesson. Now the North Node is just weeks away from leaving Libra for Virgo and we won’t have these lessons occur for another 16.5 years.

What gets spoken between Thursday and Saturday IS the most significant recap of these lessons! So watch for conscious soulfulness to come popping out in your words or words others speak or write to you.

At 8:47am on Thursday, Mercury Retrograde at 1:01 Libra Conjuncts the North Node in Libra. Mercury is still Retrograde so this powerful meeting will have Mercury doing his final, most important revision around relating-ships. It may not be just words, you may have very new ideas of how to relate well up into your conscious mind from a soulful place.

These 2 will stay in such tight orb for the next 3 days that it will be as if they stay CONJUNCT the entire 3 days! So GET the Lesson and write it down, if you need to. Don’t let it slip out of your mind the minute you hear someone repeat your old ideas to you after Saturday. These WORDS and IDEAS matter.

As a backdrop to such a powerful upgrade of our conscious (Mercury) mind, we will have Jupiter in Virgo (expansive service to others) applying in a double-magic aspect to Uranus in Aries (freedom of self). These are 2 of our Higher Minds in a 5D aspect bringing up new awareness AT THE SAME TIME that Mercury will meet the North Node in Libra. The synergy between these 2 aspects will be very mind-blowing if you allow the insight to fully penetrate your conscious mind. Uranus will simply send you flashes of awareness that jump right in and short-circuit your old 3D ideas. So let the shocking, surprising, unexpected, bizarre, out-of-the-box ideas jolt you into a new way of being and doing.

At 1:30pm on Thursday, Venus ingresses Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter there. Our desires will turn from self-gratification (Leo) to service to others (Virgo) allowing us to better integrate the Lessons of Mercury and the North Node and flashes of awareness from Jupiter and Uranus in magical aspect. Venus RULES Libra, where Mercury and the North Node are Conjunct. She will now be in a better position to assist us in finding balance in all that we are doing.

Spend the rest of your day taking in the flashes of awareness and the other sparks that can fly as Jupiter and Uranus exact their magic.

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