Daily Aspects – Oct 12 & 13 – NEW MOON in Libra

I’ve written about this New Moon already, but today I’m going to look at it close-up for aspects the Sun and Moon make at the time of the Conjunction, which is called the New Moon. At the time of the New Moon, we will have the Sun, Moon and Mercury (3 of our 5 Personal Planets) in the Sign that Venus (another Personal Planet) rules. We also have some important 5D points in Libra at the same time: the North Node, Lillith, Eros and Juno. We are getting an upgrade to 5D relating-ships that will remove much of the old ‘attachment’ of our relationships.

Building up to the New Moon is a very important aspect that ties in very tightly with the entire impact of the New Moon in Libra. At 4:09pm on Monday, Venus at 3:28 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 18:28 Aries. This aspect is about making an adjustment that brings an ease to things.

Venus rules our desires, our relating-ships, our reciprocal and balanced/give-and-take relationships of business partners as well. She rules Libra so she is ruling the Sun and Moon in Libra as they meet to create the New Moon.

Uranus rules awareness, shock and awe, bizarre, unexpected things. He rules electrical currents, the social network, and group-minded actions, as well as equality and detached emotion. He rules freedom as well. As he has been in Aries for the last 3.5 years, he has been giving awareness to each individual as to how to achieve their personal freedom away from the corruption of our father-like and public authorities (over a series of 7 Squares to Pluto from 2012-2015). Uranus, most of all, rules CHANGE! Because AWARENESS changes EVERYTHING. And he gives us lightning bolts of insight/awareness that move us out of various ‘ruts’ in our lives (as shown by the House placement where you have 19 Aries and 4 Virgo).

When Venus and Uranus meet, there can be a ‘love at first sight’ type of situation. But as Uranus is detached emotion, when mixed with Venus attraction, he doesn’t usually have staying power to go the duration of the old 3D relationships. Uranus brings RELATING-SHIPS. These 5D ways of ‘relating’ are INSTANTANEOUS, electric, powerful and, typically, short-lived.

Whether you are desiring a person or a new type of work (Virgo) today, you could see something come your way that totally captivates you, follow it, as it will lead you OUT of your rut. But don’t expect it to be in your life forever. It could end up that way, but Uranus is 5D revelation and Venus in 3D was possessiveness. In 5D, Venus needs to allow the things to come and go without the fear of needing to hold on.

Uranus brings freedom from old situations. As Venus is in Virgo, many Virgos can tell you that they can ‘martyr’ themselves to their work or service to others. It is hard for a Virgo to see things left undone so they end up doing everyone else’s work too. Uranus and Venus in this aspect can bring liberation from old work situations, service situations, health situations that are no longer working for you. The way this freedom (Uranus) will happen is by an adjustment to your desires (Venus) that bring about an ease that helps you to move on. Uranus will CHANGE your DESIRES here. Watch for the awareness of which move (Aries) to make to move you into a situation that is more freeing. Or to adjust your desires (Venus) so you can better balance (Venus/Libra) the work (Virgo) you do.

This aspect remains in orb as the New approaches the Sun creating the New Moon. Their Sun and Moon’s Conjunction occurs at 8:05pm on Monday at 19:20 LIbra. The Sun’s Opposition to Uranus Retrograde in Aries is still in orb and the Moon will exact his Opposition to Uranus at 6:20pm.

Essentially, this entire day is about us ‘seeing’ (Sun) how well we have done in moving into 5D relating-ships rather than 3D relationships. Our desires got a jolt of change when Venus makes her adjustment to Uranus’ awareness that resulted in an ‘ease’. Then the Moon Opposes Uranus showing us how we really ‘feel’ about a new relating-ship and gives awareness to help us maintain our inner serenity so we can NOT be possessive.

When the Moon meets the Sun, we will have our public and private life in sync. We will see how we feel about our relating-ships in contrast to our personal freedom. If we use our best Libra lessons about balance and reciprocity from the North Node’s Transit of Libra from Feb 18, 2014 – Nov 12, 2015 we will SEE how we are now in a position internally to maintain a 5D relating-ship. We will know how to loosely relate to all of our ‘others’ without martyring ourselves or without losing sense of self. We will have a ‘fresh start’ (New Moon) around the ways we relate to others. Soak up the awareness as this is a powerful New Moon with a 5D lesson that is easy to integrate.

On its heels, at 5:54am on Tuesday morning, Mercury at 2:09 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 2:09 Sagittarius. This may be the first words you hear that express your ‘fresh start’ around the New Moon and your 5D relating-ships. This is Mercury’s 3rd Sextile to Saturn during his Retrograde cycle. The other passes were on Aug 26 and Oct 6. He also made to Semi-Square aspects to Saturn during his cycle that brought up some irritation to be more accountable. But the Sextiles are productive and will have us being accountable to a higher perspective of how to relate. See if words spoken towards you or from you reflect a revision of your conscious mind as all Mercury Retrograde Cycles do. Mercury is direct now and in a new state of mind. His ideas may still be lagging behind the reality, but they are clearer than they were on his 1st and 2nd pass.

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