Daily Aspects – Oct 14 – Motivated Awareness

Building all day on Tuesday and Wednesday and exacting at 8:31pm on Wednesday night is Mars at 12:23 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 18:23 Aries. This is a double-magic aspect between the self and groups.

Mars is self motivation, drive, independence, initiating action, aggression, acting without thought. Uranus is revelation, unexpected, bizarre and shocking ideas, flashes of insight and awareness, electrical current, currency, social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc), groups of people.

Mars rules Aries and the natural 1st House of self where all things begin. Uranus rules the 11th House of groups where we finalize our lessons and skills before we end them in Neptune/Pisces/12th House.

When these 2 Planets meet in 3D type aspects, we have ‘accidents’ and shocking aggression. In 3D, Uranus’ awareness is too rebellious and bizarre and doesn’t conform with public expectations. And Mars in hard 3D aspects is a hot-head who ‘fights’ his way through things.

But in the magic of 5D, these 2 players can bring about some amazing results for yourself and yourself within a group of people.

Mars rules Uranus in Aries so this aspect is strongly focused on EACH OF US as individuals. Mars is in the Sign of Virgo, which rules health/fitness, work, busy-ness, service/duty/volunteering and the organization of all types of things. Mars in Virgo is initiating service to others. Or organizing things or working out like crazy. Virgo rules all ‘service’ things including the military and first-responders.

Uranus in Aries since 2011 has been bringing each of us awareness around ways to pursue more individual freedom. From Jun 2012 – Mar 2015, Uranus in Aries had 7 Squares to Pluto in Capricorn (Sign of government, banks, corporations and father-like and public authority). These Squares were forcing each of us to focus on ways to find more individual freedom as Pluto was showing us the corruption of our public structures. We are now more than half-way through Uranus’ Transit of Aries and we are far more aware of what is really going on.

In the last 4 years, it has become evident to most of us that our ‘old’ ways of trying to reform our public structures is NOT going to work. And while Uranus rules groups of people, in the Sign of Aries, he is bringing EACH OF US the awareness we need to find more freedom. The main lesson here is that if WE EACH follow our individual awareness, then we will end up REFORMING the system without us having to FIGHT the system.

That would be an excellent use of this aspect on Wednesday night. If we take in the shocking ideas from Uranus, we can get out of the ‘rut’ of our old ways and set onto a new way of ‘serving’ others that is beneficial to us as well.

I remember a post on FB once that said, “One in 10,000 of us has an idea that could feed 10,000 of us.” It is SOOOO true! Uranus brings inventive, out-of-the-box thinking that can free us from the ‘slavery’ (collective martyrdom of Virgo in 3D) of working (Virgo) so hard. It is its own form of insanity.

There are better ways to do things. Virgos just keep doing things. They may not always be looking for more efficient ways because they are too ‘busy’ to see new ways to do the same old things. Uranus in Aries can have us spontaneously doing things in an unexpected new way. Mars in Virgo, receiving this revelation, can spontaneously ACT on that awareness in the workplace creating an entirely new way of looking at work or service.

If we EACH (Aries/Mars) just accept the revelation of Uranus and apply it (Virgo), we will find that we have created the new FREEDOM society that we are seeking. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. We will no longer take our direction from outside authorities, but rather we will apply our revelations from within CHANGING (Uranus) everything around us.

There is no better opportunity to CHANGE the ways we WORK than with these 2 Planets in these 2 Signs in a double-magic aspect. Seize the day…. Seize the revelations… Set to work… in a BOLD, NEW WAY. Pay no attention to what anyone else is doing… ACT on your new ideas and watch the CHANGE it brings to everyone around you.

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