Daily Aspects – Oct 15 – Through the Fog of Escapism

With all of the Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) in Virgo and Libra and the Transpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and Generational Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) spread across Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Aries, respectively, this is a week of the Personal Planets ONLY aspecting the Outer Planets (Transpersonal and Generational) so we have aspects that are affecting US with OTHERS. This cycle breaks on Oct 22 when Saturn aspects Uranus.

This trend in aspects started yesterday with Mars’ double-magic to Uranus. It continues on Thursday.

At 8:24pm the Sun at 22:20 Libra Sesquiquadrates Neptune at 7:20 Pisces. Neptune, in 3D, operates as a fog that is hard to pin down what is really going on. In 5D, Neptune is the perfect fog from ‘dry ice’ that allows us to access some magic and change what we ‘see;)’ See the Merlin Mind page.

But anytime the Sun aspects Pisces, we get a glimpse through the fog, like fog-lights, helping us to get clear about what Neptune is ‘dissolving’ ever so quietly in his shroud of cloud-cover. Neptune rules escapism of all sorts and vices: alcoholism or excessive drinking, drugging, sexing, avoidance, deception and delusion. In 5D, you understand your Neptunian mind and are not blind-sided by what you see. But in 3D and 4D, you may well be.

The Sun is in the Sign of relating-ship, Libra. The Sun Opposed Neptune on Aug 31 showing us (Sun) a contrast (Opposition) around our ‘doing’ (Virgo) and our ‘avoiding’ (Neptune/Pisces). The entire month of September as Jupiter Opposed Neptune, many were over, over-doing their escapist behaviors. During the month of our over-doing, the Sun ingressed Libra and made an ‘adjustment’ aspect to Neptune on Sep 30 from the Sign of Libra. Literally, the Sun gave us clarity around this timeframe of over-doing by showing us the beginning and the end of that aspect with Jupiter and Neptune. AND the Sun was in the Sign of relating-ship so at the end of the month, we SAW how our behaviors impacted our relating-ships.

NOW at 8:24pm on Thursday, the Sun at 22:20 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 7:20 Pisces. This aspect brings an ‘ease’ after an adjustment has been made. Here the Sun is helping us see how to adjustment our Neptune tendencies to avoid so that we can have ‘ease’ in our relating-ships. This is a very helpful aspect after the over-doing month of September. But learning to feel the Sun’s clarity can take some practice, especially for heavily-afflicted Neptune types (afflicted with subconscious self-undoing). Watch for it as it often occurs very near the exact time;) Make your adjustment and feel the ease.

At 11:56pm Mars at 13:05 Virgo Trines Pluto at 13:05 Capricorn. This is a wonderful aspect you may have felt building on Wed too. Mars is motivated to work and serve others and this Trine makes it so easy to secure the benevolence (aka financial backing even) of someone who you share resources with (banks, governments, fathers/mothers, and other father-like authorities). Or they may simply recognize (Capricorn) how diligent your efforts have been (Mars) and ease up (Trine) on the accounting for every penny (Virgo) mentality.

This aspect is also good for men in positions of service to pursue sexual intimacy with someone in authority over them or simply anyone at all;) Mars rules passion and Pluto rules sex. So its a great time to conquer someone who has been playing hard-to-get. Just sayin;)

NOTE: Some people find it hard to read through the ‘technical’ jargon of Astrology. But this is me ‘sourcing’ the Universe and giving you the chance to learn to FEEL each aspect for yourself. This way you begin to live in sync with Planetary cycles and TRULY become self-aware and soul-aware. Bear with it, it will get easier and then you will be grateful I leave them in.

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