Daily Aspects – Oct 16 – Subconscious, Soulful Desires

At 10:53pm EST on Friday night, Venus at 7:18 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde at 7:18 Pisces. There is going to be some contrast between what we desire and how we feel about those desires subconsciously.

When Venus and Neptune meet, there is rather great harmony between us and the objects of our desires (Venus) or there is something that pushes them away (Neptune).

An Opposition is tricky, but DOES show us how things are proceeding. Virgo is the Sign that externalizes Neptune/Pisces energies. So Venus will be doing all the work here to ‘serve’ someone (Virgo) or volunteering for work. Neptune is sitting back and seeing how she REALLY feels about her own actions. Neptune/Pisces/12th House is our ‘self-undoing.’ We think we WANT (Venus) a specific thing (work, health, roommate–Virgo–love interest, sensual touch, money, objects of beauty–Venus) but our subconscious remembers our ingrained, our past-life karmic condition here that always trips us up when we want THAT thing.

Regarding finances, our subconscious might tell us that the work we are signing onto might be more work than we are expecting. Regarding roommates, our subconscious might be reminding us of some past-life fears we have around this issue. Regarding spending money on something so we can ‘acquire’ it, our subconscious might remind us that being to ‘mine, mine, mine’ isn’t all that healthy (Virgo). Regarding a love interest, Neptune/our subconscious mind might be reminding us of how this attraction went down in a past-life and, well, STD’s are the result of that subconscious fear.

Venus IS in the Sign of health (Virgo) and Neptune RULES escapism tendencies: excessive drinking, drugging, sexing, etc. and so if someone is doing too much of these things on Friday night, it might be best to see that any kind of ‘love’ (that Venus desires) is probably lacking. Neptune creates void of confusion so that going home with someone who has had too much to drink is never a wise idea (at least for the first time).

Financial matters can be just as murky over the weekend with this aspect. It is better to see what gets spoken on Sunday when Mercury in Libra Quincunx Neptune.

If, however, you are master of your subconscious mind… a Merlin, as I write about… then you will have little trouble navigating the murkiness of this aspect. If you have moved through dredging up your demons from Neptune’s deep waters and you have reached the spring of the ‘all-knowing’ wisdom that is there… THEN you will have no trouble with this aspect..

Likely, you may wait for some magic down the road and will make note of the ‘contrast’ you see between your desires and any old issues that may surface with this aspect. If you can look at fear in the face, own it, and let it go, then you can fearlessly, and soulfully, engage any of your desires sans the self-undoing.

To assist in you taking this hard aspect into a 5D space, will be the Sun making double-magic to Chiron also in Pisces.

At 6:05am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 23:43 Libra Biquintiles Chiron Retrograde at 17:43 Pisces. Chiron is our Soul-Level wounding. As it Transits, it reflects some collective Soul-Level lessons we are all going through right now. As Chiron is in Pisces, with Neptune, we are working on dredging up and shifting our old 3D woundings and releasing them. I will be writing more about Chiron very soon. But suffice it to say, it is our old pain in 3D that we are working on releasing as all things end in Pisces, the natural 12th House.

The Sun is in the Sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, bringing clarity around ways of relating. This brings the above aspect into the equation with this magical aspect.

When the Sun meets Chiron, in any aspect, gratitude is always available for the ways our wounding has helped us to become who we are. But the 5D aspect of double-magic, means that we can easily release old subconscious barriers that keep us from relating to someone.

As this aspect is applying all of Friday night as Venus Opposes Neptune, it is the PERFECT opportunity to move out of your old subconscious fears around sensual touch and relating to someone. Chiron will help you to do so Soulfully where there couldn’t possibly be any reason that either of you would feel pain or hurt in anyway.

At the Soul-Level, we KNOW we are all connected (Chiron in Pisces). We have NO separation consciousness so we have NO reason not to relate or desire anyone. Use these 2 aspects to your best advantage… not to ‘bed’ someone necessarily, but to be able to show ‘love’ and ‘relating’ without any fear inhibiting you. THAT is being a Merlin;)

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