Daily Aspects – Oct 17 & 18 – Over-Anxious or Over-Worked

At 6:40pm on Saturday Mars at 14:11 Virgo Conjuncts Jupiter. If you have Natal Mars in Virgo, you know how much nervous energy this can create. We can all get a taste of that with this 6-week Transit of Mars in Virgo. But have him meet Jupiter there and, well, you have probably felt extra motivation (no complaints there) or have been over-wrought with too much work or too anxious. As Virgos love to work and stay busy, this is the only productive way to move through any nervousness or anxiety this can cause.

While motivation around health and fitness is never a bad thing, when Mars hits Jupiter, the energy can be just too much of a good thing. You need to ACT, but on what? You suddenly have so many things to do. Well… know that this peaked energy only lasts for a few more days and do your best to maintain your inner balance and serenity while sensing this energy is just MOVING THROUGH you.

At 12:11pm on Sunday afternoon, Mercury at 7:17 Libra Quincunx Neptune at 7:17 Pisces. Venus just Opposed Neptune on Friday and you saw something about your desires through this ‘contrast’ aspect. Now the words may be spoken that show you how this relates to you and someone else. This is Mercury’s 3rd and final adjustment (Quincunx) aspect to Neptune. Sep 3 and Sep 29. Now the words will reflect your revised ideas about your relating-ship so this is the final word at this point. Though Mercury is still behind the Sun and your ideas that were seeded at the Inferior Conjunction on Sep 30, when Mercury Retrograde met the Sun on this same degree, may still need to come into greater clarity when Mercury again meets the Sun on Nov 17.

When Mercury aspects Neptune, we have words spoken to us or from us that come from our subconscious mind. This adjustment aspect means that our conscious mind (Mercury) will have to make an adjustment to what the subconscious mind (Neptune) is prompting. Or the words that come out will affect an adjustment once it is heard. As Mercury is in Libra, the words will be about relating-ship (close friendships, significant others or business partnerships).

This wraps up a week-long period of the Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) making aspects to Outer Planets meaning that each of these aspects affecting us with other people rather than just personally.

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