Saturn Square Neptune… the Dissolving of Egotism

So I couldn’t wait for Mars to move off his Conjunction to Jupiter on Friday and Saturday (expanded/Jupiter nervous energy/Virgo for action/Mars) as I was wanting to get to the meat of a major Transit that is just really beginning, again, to be felt in earnest: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. On Mar 15 of this year, Saturn Stationed Retrograde at 4:56 Sagittarius just inside a 3 degree orb to Neptune at 7:54 Pisces. Events near that time were a foreshadowing of what is come as they exact 3 Squares over the next 8year: Nov 26, 2015 and Jun 18 and Sep 10, 2016.

Saturn Retrograded into Scorpio from Jun 15 – Sep 17, 2015 wrapping up our accountability around intimacy and sharing of resources stories (Karmic) when Saturn Trined Neptune 3 times in 2012-2013.. Now back in Sagittarius for the next 2+ years, the energy of Saturn’s impending 1st Square to Neptune is building. Over the next year, we will begin to notice some deep shifts within ourselves around the structures of our ego and our connection to others.

As 5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything, one of the major strands of this assertion is the Theory of Relativity. We best understand 5D from the contrast of 3D understanding. Knowing how Saturn and Neptune operated in 3D, will illuminate their 5D intentions.

In 3D, Saturn and Neptune were the 2 Karmic Planets. 3D reality is all about duality. Saturn rules Capricorn and is an INITIATING (Cardinal) Earth energy. Saturn puts structures of all types in place: rules, boundaries, borders, foundations, the order of things and accountability. It rules the father (or dominant parent), social status, public reputation, public authorities that involve putting structures in place, like governments, banks and corporations. It is our ‘Karmic fear’ as well as for every crazy thing we might want to do in 3D, there was an authority or structure that sought to restrict us movement.

Neptune, on the other hand (duality, remember) is CHANGING (Mutable) Water (Emotion). Neptune rules the subconscious mind. It is the repository of all of our fears, past-life experiences, all knowledge and the collective unconscious. It is a murky place in 3D that was where we would ‘un-do’ ourselves because we didn’t realize that each thought we held in 3D that had a value, we were actually creating the absolute mathematical value (which is BOTH positive and negative AT THE SAME TIME). So Neptune is WHERE our ‘Opposite’ value was stored just waiting to manifest when we least wanted it to.

When reading Natal Charts of Karmic relationships, it is the easiest way to explain how these 2 Planets operated in 3D. On a Transit of Saturn or Neptune to Natal Saturn or Neptune, we would encounter people from our past-lives in order to work on RESOLVING the Karma between us. One of the ‘couple’ had played Saturn and restricted the intimacy or partnership while the other had played Neptune and avoided the intimacy or partnership. Stories like ‘my father (Saturn) wouldn’t approve of our marriage’ and so they might have eloped (Neptune) and in this lifetime need to resolve the issue with accountability to father. One partner may have avoided marriage, even when faced with a pregnancy and the other party sought legal measures to make them accountable.

Saturn and Neptune in 3D are the push and pull energy of the Limbic brain which is a roller-coaster ride of one partner trying to ‘control’ and the other partner trying to ‘avoid’ any control. Saturn is control and Neptune avoidance and escapism in 3D.

Last fall I had the biggest lesson around the depths of the Saturn/Neptune dance. I moved into a house with a roommate who started drinking again just a week before, though I didn’t know she had. According to most reports, she had been sober for 4 years and on a Transit of Jupiter Square her Natal Neptune, she walked up the bar and ordered a drink. She said she couldn’t believe she was actually doing it either.

NOTE: Neptune avoidance can take many forms and I thought she was avoiding me because the house was not very livable. But over those 4 months, I had awareness pouring in as to how to see various addictions and escapist behaviors in a Natal Chart and with Transits. Not just the typical ones, but complicated ones as well. That is why I offer Reports and Readings to help each person understand their unique struggles.

While she is more than an ‘alcoholic’, as she had very deep insecurity and other psychological issues (Chiron) tied to her drinking, she become the truest expression of Neptune in 3D that I have ever witnessed. For the first 2 weeks, she never stayed in the house, she would stop by occasionally during the day but was very vague as to any reason why she wasn’t staying. She was evasive and later I realized a pathological liar, and I thought it was because of the musty old mold in the house so I started to clean. (We were there to restore an old house exchanging work for rent). Turns out later, she didn’t want me to know she was drinking and she had wanted to house as a way to avoid her husband who was restricting her drinking.

Long-story short, the more she avoided (Neptune’s changeable nature), the more I did around the house (Saturn’s initiating energy) hoping to put structures in place so she could start her ‘massage’ business from the home. I was doing Astrology Seminars, but she would rarely show up. It was all very strange and something I had no little previous experience with. But the evidence of the dualism of Saturn and Neptune within the house was STARK.

I had my living area of the house and the common areas in in ship-shape order and looking great. My apartment was a showplace that she showed everyone. Her rooms, on the other hand, had everything on the floor in total disarray as though a tornado had struck and everything was left a terrible mess. But the real crux of it all was that I needed more structure and more order the more she avoided the place. I thought I was helping her put structures in her life that she needed so that she could get her shit together. She asked me to help organize her young daughters’ rooms, too, But if they knew she was drinking they would set about destroying any order we had begun to put in place.

Keeping things in perspective, from Oct 2012 – Jul 2013, we had 8 months of Saturn Trine Neptune and I had written extensively about this process of RESOLVING our 3D Karma. We ARE leaving the Age of Pisces, ruled by Neptune and ushering in the Age of Aquarius and the 5th Dimension (I know, just like the group, right?). The shift within us and without will be dramatic over a decade or more. My Seminar of ‘What Really Happened at the End of the Mayan Calendar – From 3D to 5D’ I hope to have available on video here soon. But suffice it to say that before we could wrap up 3D, we had to RESOLVE our 3D Karma and 2013 was that year.

In 3 Trines (I consider Trines to be a Transitional aspect from 3D to 5D) between Saturn and Neptune, we encountered old Karmic relationships of all types (family, marriage, intimacy, and authority) and found it sooooo easy (the Trine) to work through and let go of our old Karmic fears. We forgave and we loved through it all. It was a beautiful time.

And now, with the 7 Squares of Uranus to Pluto,which brought us through ‘Drastic Change’, under our belt, we are entering into a new phase with Saturn and Neptune that is considered ‘hard’ as its a 3D Square. It is really a challenge to grow rather than the old 3D stress. Over the weekend, I had new awareness of the real significance of this Transit that I wanted to share.

Last week, as I spoke with several clients and friends, I was noticing a feeling myself that things were getting very ambiguous and that we were beginning to feel this Transit building. On many levels, things are just not going as we might expect that they would and much of this is part of what is building to be a really big deal.

During the Trines of 2012-2013, Saturn was in Scorpio and Neptune was in Pisces. Both are Karmic Signs dealing with intimacy (Scorpio) and the subconscious blocks to it (Pisces). Now, however, Saturn is in Sagittarius (a non-Karmic Sign, though Opposite the Sign where Karma begins: Gemini). Neptune is still in Pisces, the Sign he rules and the Sign where things ‘end.’

Saturn in Sagittarius is structures and accountability to others around spirituality and religion, legal areas and philosophy, higher education and higher consciousness, foreign things and long distance travel. Neptune in Pisces is a dissolving and ending energy that allows us to morph things into a new way of being when Neptune enters Aries several years from now.

There will be a blurring of all types of ways that we categorize ourselves and others. You can already see the effects of this with large University campuses, such as North Carolina State, where they have apartment complexes and extensive libraries that are open to the public in various non-student statuses, such as post-Graduate from any school leasing apartments on campus.

We can expect to see Amnesty to illegal aliens as national borders become antiquated. In the 1960’s the Iron Mountain Report done by a governmental think-tank showed that people would be open a to global-type of governmental system. Governments and corporate structures always follow the trading practices. The world is a global marketplace so put Saturn (which rules Capricorn and public authorities such as governments, banks and corporations) in the Sign of ‘global, big-picture view and perspective’, Sagittarius, and boundaries dissolving and we can expect what many, including myself, have once feared… a Global Government of some sort. This will serve as a interim phase that will take us into the 3D fear of ‘Anarchy’ which IS the Age of Aquarius minus the 3D fear;)

As Saturn is a Transpersonal Planet dealing with me and others, the same global blurring will take place within each of us as we become accepting of EVERYONE. We will loose our ‘egoistic’ barriers. The most accurate way to say it is the dissolving of 3D SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS!! All the rules and borders and walls and boundaries that we have erected between ourselves and others will begin to dissolve into the mist of Neptune’s truest form of ‘oneness.’

Student loan debt forgiveness WILL go through as will many other types of accountability structures that we used to penalize people for in our 3D mind/reality. We will have no fear over encountering various foreigners even in our rural areas. It will become commonplace and common law will be the only law that makes sense: everyone has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. What is strange or different will no longer cause fear, but rather interest as we synethesize our former dualities into a fabric of oneness and optimism.

Our old ideas of penalities against those who break the laws will be dissolved through our own desire to FORGIVE any trespasses. We won’t have to even think about it, we will begin to KNOW (Neptune) that we MUST let go in order to build something worth sharing. Bring down the walls, the fences, the boundaries that keep you from uniting with people who are ‘different.’

Saturn will hold us accountable to Sagittarius’ highest vibration which is a cosmic perspective (aka Soulful)… we will reach an altitude of thought that SHOWS how we are connected and how our differences are truly beautiful as they create a rainbow of visual delight and artistic expression.

Yes, 3D churches and 501c3 entities will have some of their benefits dissolved if they don’t loosen their beliefs of divisiveness of ‘heaven and hell’, ‘saved and unsaved’ and all other forms of judgment;)

Slowly higher learning will be replaced with self-awareness that comes from within. We will see people meet at these locations as we share various awarenesses. Uranus, which rules the coming Astrological Age, the Age of Aquarius, rules revelation, flashes of insight that come from within. We will pay less attention to other people’s thoughts and follow our own inner knowing.

Uranus and Aquarius are EGALITARIAN. Everyone is EQUAL and part of the collective. While it may be disconcerting that your plans may undergo some changes over the next few months, what needs to fall to the wayside will. You can rest assured, the revision will be part of something new and enlightened.

Saturn and Neptune are at work again… they are MORPHING our world to our new ideals. We are birthing a new collective unconscious. One that is free of Age of Pisces fears. Egotism is a fear of others. Dissolving our fears brings us into the harmony that lies ahead.

The Karma is resolved, but the full force of ‘Forgiveness’ of all 3D experiences if the cornerstone of the next year. Here is one of my favorite songs to help put you in the mood for what is ahead: Can we overlook that he is ‘labeled’ a Christian musician?

Forgiveness by Michael West

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