Daily Aspects – Oct 21 & 22 – Desire Begins Change

It has been a quiet few days with no aspects being made between the Transiting Planets. We may all have Personal aspects being made to our Natal Charts.

However, from now until the New Moon on Oct 27th, we will have plenty of energy hitting us all. These are the changes and actions we have been waiting for and even promised at the Eclipses of Sep 13 and 27.

At 10:30pm on Wednesday Mercury at 12:00 Libra Quincunx Neptune at 7:17 Pisces. This is an adjustment aspect from our subconscious mind (Neptune) to our conscious mind (Mercury). Mercury is still in his Retrograde Shadow and has made this same aspect to Neptune 2 times before: Sep 3 and Sep 29. The adjustment that is spoken on Wednesday night is as solid as things can be in this mythical reality called ‘life.’ As Mercury is in Libra, what gets said (written or spoken or in thought) will be about our relating-ships and our ability to be reciprocal and balanced with anyone that we relate to.

These words or thoughts will wrap up some of the revision process of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle. If you watch these aspects from the Planets, you WILL HAVE events occur very close to the exact times. While each aspect will play out slightly differently for each of us based on the House positions of the Planets to our Natal Chart, I leave the technical details in so you can become aware that we have less choice than we like to think that we do, right Mercury? In this aspect Mercury’s

programmed mind is overridden by something in cindy3the collective unconscious (Neptune/Pisces).

We have 4 major aspects on Thursday and the 1st 2 aspects occur before noon so they are below:

At 1:06am Venus at 12:06 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus at 18:06 Aries. This is a double-magic aspect where we can have unexpected desires realized! When we have realized these new desires, change occurs… usually within us. Venus in Virgo is a hard-working girl, a Florence Nightingale who works her butt off to help others or an over-worked girl right now with Jupiter and Mars both in the Sign of work, too. But Uranus is all about freedom and in the Sign of the self, he is motivated (Aries) for his individual (Aries) freedom. In a magical ease, Venus just might get a night out on the town to kick up her heels  without anyone hardly noticing she is done… a sprinkle of fairy dust or a magic wand or a Men in Black memory zapper will see to that. It could be a real Cinderella moment, too, as things help her leave her work behind and find some freedom from the mundane all before the clock strikes… noon? Probably;) This aspect will be building early enough on Wednesday night that it could be a very magical evening and we can all wake refreshed for another day of work even though we played the night away. Cuz that’s how magic works… a CHANGE is as good as a rest, they say;)

If you don’t wake up in time, which is a real possibility with the next aspect, that aspect may well be the help you need to keep your title as ‘Florence Nightingale’ even though you just had the most amazing night on Planet Earth!

At 11:59am Saturn at 3:05 Sagittarius Ses-squares Uranus at 18:05 Aries. This is an ease-once-an-adjustment-has-been-made kind of aspect between our accountability (Saturn) to higher consciousness (Sagittarius) and our personal (Aries) freedom (Uranus). As you make your excuses for any lapse in judgment for your tardiness or some such behavior, you will still come off smelling like a rose. Perhaps that is because EVERYONE has been noticing your efforts, dear Venus, of late and they will turn a blind eye to this ‘infraction.’ You DESERVE it! And Saturn can act like a shield on your behalf or even a bit of recognition from them that you deserved the madcap night you just had.

Of course, many of us may not get to play ‘Cinderella’… but we may get a break from the ‘cinders’ to go out and have a bit of fun and freedom from the routine that Virgo tends to tie us to. It could be that we take the opportunity to spend a bit of money (Venus, too) in ways other than to serve someone in our lives. We spend it on ourselves.

As these 2 aspects will strongly impact each other, as Uranus is only one minute apart in both aspects, it simply means that we won’t have hell to pay for a break in our nose-to-the-grindstone routine (Virgo). Go take a break and see how free you feel and how easy it will be to get back to work after you have rewarded yourself justifiably so.


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