Daily Aspects – Oct 22 & 23 – Getting Personal with Authority

Thursday evening has an interesting mix of conscious mind (Mercury), subconscious mind (Neptune) and authority figures you share money with (Pluto in Capricorn).

First Mercury Squares Neptune, this is a growth aspect that can start out as stress. Then Mercury makes double-magic to Neptune allowing the above aspect to come off with possibly great results.

Its a cocktail-style mix so best explained using this scenario:

Mercury, Neptune and Pluto walk into a bar. Mercury in Libra wants to initiate a conversation with Pluto so sits down next to him. Pluto wants to buy Mercury a drink because she looks rather graceful and refined… just his type. But Mercury remembers that she doesn’t really trust letting men buy her drinks because he might want to add some other requirement to the terms beyond conversing. Neptune, at the other end of the bar, is watching as he sees Mercury’s all-too-familiar response. He tries to catch Mercury’s eye to tell her she can deal with this fear, but Mercury isn’t looking. Pluto asks her what she would like to drink and Mercury is ready to reply, when out of her eye she sees Neptune. Neptune gives her a big smile and it takes her a few seconds to figure out why, but then she turns back to Pluto and suddenly finds herself graciously accepting his offer.

Mercury and Pluto converse the night away and at the close of the evening, she gives him her phone number, a peck on the cheek and leaves for home. Still, in her own mind, something has shifted and she knows she won’t have that same fear again.

The technical details are this:
At 5:22pm Mercury at 13:10 Squares (stress/growth) Pluto at 13:10 Capricorn. At 6:05pm Mercury at 13:13 Libra Biquintiles (double magic) Neptune Retrograde at 7:13 Pisces.

Early Friday morning at 3:43am Venus at 13:11 Virgo Trine Pluto at 13:11 Capricorn. If they DO leave together (Mercury and Pluto), it will be because of this aspect;) Venus has been working hard and this ease with an intimate partner (Pluto) would be a very welcome break. Venus rules your own resources in an very easy aspect to other people’s resources that you rule or share.

This aspect may be trumped a bit by the next on right on its heels at 4:48am Mars 17:32 Virgo Opposes Chiron at 17:32 Pisces. This can be a wounding around our motivations to serve others or to pursue our health and fitness goals. We may feel like things won’t go as easy as we would like. Or a man could act in a way that feels hurtful and reminds us of some old subconscious pain. But it is a fairly fast-moving aspect so do your best to see the pain and release it.

All day Friday as the Sun applying to aspect Jupiter. But I will discuss this in tomorrow’s post.

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