Daily Aspects – Oct 23 & 24 – Soulful, Expansive Clarity and Word

Around 2pm on Friday, the Sun ingresses Scorpio and we begin to feel clarity in around intimacy and shared resources things. Whoever you share finances with, any sexual partners and other intimate situations will be on your mind as this month brings clarity to those areas of your life.

At 9:40pm on Friday night, the Sun at 0:02 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:20 Virgo. A Semi-Square is 1/8 of the Zodiac Wheel and can be an acute sense of an irritation that you want to get through. The Sun newly in Scorpio will be bringing up some new issue to look at. Jupiter is still expanding your work and helping you develop a new philosophy around your work and service to others. The irritation is going to be about how to manage both your intimate commitments AND your new work routine. See what you can and apply it to your new big picture ideas about how to be most efficient and effective at what you do.

At 12:22am Mars at 18:01 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 18:01 Aries. Here may find yourself pursuing some action unexpectedly that creates an adjustment but results in some ease. If you happen to be working, you will act in ways that move you to get your work done quickly so that we can pursue our own path all day on Saturday. You may wake up in the morning and decide to ‘eat the frog first’… aka, get your hardest tasks done early so the rest of the day is yours to enjoy anyway that you choose. See what actions you take unexpectedly as this is some serious spontaneous awareness coming from Uranus that can put you on a new course that is easier to pursue. If you feel this aspect on Friday night, you may have an unexpected passionate action you take that comes off easier than expected.

At 3:51am on Saturday morning, Mercury at 15:22 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 15:22 Virgo. Here we have the words expressed to someone you are in a relating-ship with that shows we figured out the way through the irritation by staying balanced in our reciprocity, give and take of our relating-ship rather than being the one doing all the work. This aspect is closely tied the clarity you receive on Friday night, but now you have the words to express it diplomatically to any ‘partner’.

Mercury will finally move out of his ‘Shadow’ of his Retrograde degrees and enter new territory on Saturday around noon. So our thoughts and ideas will be about moving forward in our present relating-ships.

At 8:15am the Sun at 0:46 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 0:46 Libra. This is a minor aspect, but the results may be major in a Soulful way. You have been learning how to find your own deep, inner serenity since Feb 18. 2014 and how you are wrapping up those lessons as the North Node prepares to ingress Virgo in Nov. The clarity you have from the Sun today may highlight all that you have learned and help you begin to apply your inner balance to your intimate relating-ships as well. Your own internal balance is required in order for you to have healthy and reciprocal relating-ships. Now transition this lesson into the areas of Scorpio where you share yourself intimately in exchange for the use of other people’s money. We are intimate with anyone who gives us money to use. And the highest form of intimacy is honesty.

At 6:38pm on Saturday night, the Sun at 1:12 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 13:12 Capricorn. This is a 5D/magical aspect around clarity in our intimate relating-ships and father-like or public authorities. It is a chance to see the ways WE use our power and/or how the ‘authority-type’ uses THEIR power. The magic means that what we see will allow us to create some magical outcome in our intimate situations. Pluto, our benefactors, could offer us better terms or more resources for us to use. Pluto rules Scorpio and they are one of the ‘money areas’ of our lives. Here the magic could allow us more to work with because of the magic our transparency and honesty has brought us.

We are approaching the Full Moon of Oct 27 when the Moon in Taurus will Oppose the Sun in Scorpio. It will be some culmination of what was started at the New Moon at 19+ Libra that occurred on Oct 12.

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