Daily Aspects – Oct 25 – Words, Thoughts and Desires go 5D

I hope you get/got a bit of Scorpio magic on Saturday night as the Sun in Scorpio magically connected to Pluto, which rules Scorpio, in Capricorn. As the Sun Transits Scorpio this month, we will begin to clear on any Scorpio issues in our lives: intimacy, honesty, transparency, use of other people’s money such as debts, loans, alimony, child support, inheritance, etc. Scorpio is the House of deep emotional connection. It is where we merge ourselves with others. Libra is the House of public consensus around marriage and relationship, but you don’t really merge until you are in Scorpio/8th House territory.

Happy Birthday, Scorpios, as you have your Solar Returns!

This week has been very fast-paced with so many aspects and the tempo will continue through the Full Moon and into Eve’s Hallow.

At 11:30am on Sunday, Mercury at 17:27 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 17:27 Pisces. Mercury is now out of his Retrograde Shadow and into territory we will not be revising. So what gets said, written or thought today, is the final ‘word’ on this degree. The Sun passed this degree on Oct 11 so there may be something we ‘saw’ then that we make conscious now. Venus and Mars will be crossing this degree down the road a bit and we will see how our desires and motivations line up with our words. But as Mercury makes this adjustment aspect to Chiron, we can expect thoughts and words (towards us or from us) to make an adjustment based on some subconscious wounding (Chiron). The result will be some ease to our relating-ship/s.

At 4:03pm Venus at 15:39 Virgo Conjuncts Jupiter. This is some expansive (Jupiter) love (Venus) that is available to those we ‘serve’ (Virgo). Or if you have 15:39 Virgo in your 1st House, you could be the recipient of some healing touch (Venus in Virgo). Venus rules your resources and finances as well. It is possible that you could come across some increase (Jupiter) in your resources (Venus) based on some stellar (Jupiter) services (Virgo) you have been providing. For me, Virgo is my 11th House of Astrology by Sun Sign…;) If my service has been up to Virgo and Jupiter standards, it is possible I could see some benefit around my resources. If you have 15:39 Virgo in your 7th House of partnership, you may find yourself gifting your partner with your resources AND a healing massage. Venus rules sensual touch. Most massage therapists have some strong Taurus (ruled by Venus) points in their chart. This will start a new annual cycle between Venus and Jupiter so if you are very good at Astrology, you can follow what they bring you around work issues, health issues and financial issues today. Virgo is the Sign of the accountant and you may find yourself having more accounting work to do this month.

At 6:59pm Mercury at 17:57 Libra Opposes Uranus Retrograde at 17:57 Aries. This is a continuation of the aspect Mercury made to Chiron earlier as he sits on the same degree. Uranus brings in Self and Soul awareness. Chiron is our umbilical cord to our Soul so Mercury is getting a flash of Soulful messages today. What gets said all day could be very important, bizarre, surprising and unexpected. Uranus can provide flashes that help Mercury find the words to deal with any pain his aspect from Chiron might cause. Mercury is trying to talk to his ‘others’ while Uranus is trying to help him maintain his independence. Chiron was showing him any old pain he has in his subconscious that needs to be dealt with. So it is one electrifying day to receive new insights into our conscious mind. If you find yourself developing a headache, it is because you are BLOCKING (repressing) the awareness Uranus is trying to give you. Take time to relax and let the awareness through. Uranus shakes us out of our ruts. He forces change upon us. It may be that you need to consider how to free yourself from an old 3D- possessive relationship that is stifling you. Uranus can give you the awareness of how to get your own balance back and move on. Then when you meet someone, you need to do so from your place of inner balance and not give yourself away. Ahhh… that is perhaps the subconscious message Mercury got from Chiron. And so the awareness pours in.

On Oct 29, Mercury will make a double-magic/5d aspect to Chiron that will allow him to see how today’s aspects brought him to a whole new level of relating-ship success.

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