Jupiter in Virgo… the Agony and Divinity of Service

Since Jupiter entered the Sign of Virgo on Aug 12, we have been seeing a lot of new developments pop up.

Almost from the first day, one restaurant business near me had 7 ‘servers’ arrested in one week! The first young guy was arrested for stealing credit card numbers, the rest were residents in the same building where he was buying things online. To figure out who the thief was, the cops requested a list of everyone living in the building. In the process of narrowing it down to him, they discovered one other thief at work and 5 in the building who had bench warrants out for their arrest.

Another server in a bar near me is now under investigation for ‘voiding’ out $7000 worth of food and drinks in the last 3 months alone! Everyone in this small town knows him and it is shocking to hear such news. But it seems that he turned to former alcohol addiction into something that gave him a new ‘high’ and the behavior was so reckless that only ‘addiction’ can explain such a thing.

I live and work at a motel in a small town as a way to support my Astrology addiction that doesn’t really pay very well, but absorbs so much of my time;) Around Aug 12, I quit a job at that first restaurant I mentioned above so I could begin creating THIS website. Turns out that Jupiter (expansion) is Transiting my 11th House (ruled by Uranus) of Astrology. As this 11th House is VIrgo, I am ‘serving’ others via this website as part of that Transit.

But the last 2 weeks has had me tied up with an Astrology client and a motel client with various types of mental health issues. I don’t buy into psychiatric help of people because it is very imprecise and I can see so much more via their Astrology charts. I can see their past-lives, their Karmic fear, their anxieties, their sleep issues, their chronic pain and chronic emotional issues that show what they are repressing that is causing some abnormal behavior. When I speak to them at the Soul-Level, they make a shift within themselves that resolves their issues. Forget the drugs. So this last 2 weeks I have been involved in several situations helping people who are trapped in the middle of mental health care and trying to find their freedom (Uranus in Aries).

For the enter month of September Jupiter in Virgo was Opposite Neptune in Pisces causing excessive behaviors around ‘addictions’. Many were drinking, drugging and sexting excessively. But we were also bringing down some of the delusions we had around various areas of our lives. Many woke up at the end of the Opposition determined to STOP their addictive behaviors.

But there was another expression of this Jupiter and Neptune Opposition and it was regarding ‘mental health’ a very Virgo kind of subject. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, our Karmic mind of duality, which also rules Gemini. In Virgo, Mercury thinking can be become obsessed with his own great ideas and cut himself off from the Sign Opposite Virgo, Pisces, which rules the subconscious mind. The axis of Virgo and Pisces is all about mental stability as we try to manage our conscious world and our subconscious world at the same time.

Jupiter in Virgo has increased our Virgo areas: work, detail-oriented thinking, accounting for each penny, roommates, co-workers, bosses, health and fitness. But Jupiter also rules legal matters. So if you have been deceiving (Pisces/Neptune) people around accounting type issues or any other Virgo issue, the matter was likely revealed on the separation of Jupiter’s Opposition to Neptune. The hens are coming home to roost.

See the descriptions for Virgo and Jupiter and see if you can spot what has been expanding in your life since Aug 12. Then consider which deceptions have been shattered when Jupiter Opposed Neptune:

Virgo rules work, health/fitness, accounting and details, volunteerism, service/duty/honor, military, first responders, teachers, bosses, co-workers, roommates, mental health, productivity, service industry, etc.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. But he rules philosophy, spirituality/religion, maturity, mentors, legal system, big picture thinking, global perspective, foreign places and long-distance travel as well as vacations.

The bottom-line purpose of Jupiter’s Transit in Virgo is to help us create a new philosophy around all Virgo things. Virgos are the servants of the Zodiac. They live by their ‘To Do’ lists and they can be obsessive/compulsive or very anal about getting their stuff done. Jupiter here is dealing with all of the Virgo issues we have today: jobs, healthcare, mental health, fitness and food production, use of military, etc. We need to take a global perspective of these areas of life and see if we can come up with a way to DO Virgo better. To create a world where service is actually SERVING OTHERS and not a disguise for people to make lots of money off of other peoples’ health issues or work issues, etc.

As Jupiter approaches an ‘adjustment’ aspect to Uranus on Nov 5, we are already beginning to sense alternative ways of doing things that fosters what is best for the individual so that our ‘service’ aligns with ways to give each more freedom while assisting them minimally. Uranus rules Astrology and I have been talking to many people about alternative ways of viewing mental health issues which allow people to STAY OUT of psyche wards and manage in the mainstream world. THAT is Jupiter Quincunx Uranus! Watch for more about these ideas…YOU will have some, too, so don’t be afraid to share them here.

If there is a topic you would like me to write about, please just leave it in the comment box. Astrology is sooo big and touches on EVERY aspect of life… the Theory of Everything. So I am only writing as my awareness suggests in the moment. Jump in and engage and let’s see the new radical ways of doing things will change us!

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