Daily Aspects – Oct 30 – Magical Motivation and Clarity

There are 3 aspects on Friday, though aspects from the Sun can be harder to ‘feel’ and recognize. You have to be waiting for the clarity, or know how to recognize it. We all DO get it, its just some of us are aware that we did and others are not. If someone else tells you something is going to happen and it does, you may or may not have self-awareness in the process. That is why I write about EACH aspect so you can begin to FEEL each one as it occurs and IDENTIFY the various Planetary energies. Once you KNOW which Planet you are feeling, you ARE self-aware. If you begin to feel the Outer Planets and Asteroids, you will become SOUL-AWARE.

Kicking off Friday morning at 9:59am is Mars 21:56 Virgo Quintile Saturn at 3:56 Sagittarius. You may jump (Mars) out of bed ready to serve (Virgo) someone who is a foreigner, philosopher, spiritual leader or mentor (Sagittarius). Or you get online and decide to volunteer to help hurricane refugees. Or you might just make your Dad (Saturn) breakfast in bed. It can be any sort of action, really. Mars is in service mode, however, and ready to make some magic with his actions. AND, rather unlike Mars, his actions will be accountable (Saturn) to the higher cause (Sagittarius). Whichever actions you take this morning, there will be some magic around it. This magic isn’t always big, but it does make a huge difference because there is an effortlessness in these 5D aspects that surprise us… not in a huge way, but in very simple little ways that make us believe in the good in everything again. It makes us believe in magic and that things really can turn on a dime and be our heart’s desire.

At 4:44pm the Sun at 7:06 Scorpio Semi-Squares Mars at 22:06 Virgo. Now there is some check around any money spent in service to others that may irritate  your intimate partner. Let your earlier magic handle this irritation and give them the space to think through how petty that irritation may be. Don’t antagonize, Mars, let them figure it out. Though, again, some magic is still at play allowing Mars not to antagonize. This isn’t an easy thing because Mars IS antagonizing whenever he acts before thinking. Or acts too quickly. There is always a Venus/Libra person in the vicinity of Mars feeling some collateral damage. However, the magic is still there and we can leave the clarity to sink it that the money was used appropriately.

At 5:06pm the Sun at 7:07 Scorpio Trines Neptune Retrograde at 7:07 Pisces. This aspect, and the one above, actually make a 3-way aspect merging the energies of them. This Trine, which is a transitional from 3D to 5D energy, will ease any angst from the Semi-Square irritation. See, Mars, you didn’t need to do anything! There will be an ease here that allows subconscious angst to evaporate in front of the glare of the Sun’s clarity. And all ends happily ever after.

So, really, the magic lingers all day and we actually can get over an old hurdle of 3D angst if we just move with the energies.

Saturday evening has one magical aspect that will make for some ease around fun and desires.

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