Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – Soulful Consciousness

There are no major aspects occurring on Sunday, but there is an early morning one on Monday that you could feel on Sunday night. The timing of these aspects that I write about can be slightly different for each of us depending on other aspects made to your Natal Chart. Still, its crazy how close to the real time you will sense these aspects. Mercury aspects are usually the easiest to detect as they are about communication and ideas. Usually there will be words spoken or written to you or from you.

That is the case on Sunday night/Monday morning when at 5:59am Mercury at 0:16 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 0:16 Libra. Now this is Mercury’s first aspect after ingressing Scorpio so the subject matter could be less about ‘relating-ships’ and more about intimacy and sharing. The North Node is a Soul-Level lesson. The North Node has been in the Sign of Libra since Feb 18, 2014 and is on the last few minutes of Libra before ingressing Virgo (the Nodes of Fate–North and South Nodes–are points that move clockwise, while the Planets Transit counter-clockwise). The North Node is wrapping up our Soul-Level lesson on finding serenity and balance within ourselves which allows us to be in a 5D relating-ship.

A 5D relating-ship is one that perfectly meets our desires (Venus rules Libra, desires and relating-ships). There is no Karma to resolve between us and our projection. You can play magically with what you have ‘created’ through your inner balance.

So when Mercury makes a minor aspect to the North Node on Monday morning, we can expect to speak to or hear from someone about intimacy and shared resources around our new relating-ships. Or simply pay attention to new ideas that come through for you from our Soul awareness that help us take our inner serenity into the realm of intimacy.

Monday night we have 2 more aspects. Venus will Conjunct Mars, both in Virgo, making Monday one of the best days for women and men to work (Virgo) together and to seek their desires. And Mercury will make a magical aspect to Pluto that will really seal the deal on any passion Venus and Mars decide to pursue.

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    1. Mary Ann, Grand Trines are when Planets and points in the Chart make a Triangle by being 120 degrees apart. Trines are an easy-going energy. In 5D Astrology, I consider them a ‘transitional’ aspect allowing us to move from 3D or 4D thought/reality into 5D thought/reality.
      I have been writing about Daily Aspects for many friends and clients for more than 3 years now and will keep it up for them to follow along. New people will struggle with the jargon, so just ignore the jargon until you can identify an aspect occurring in your life. Read the aspect description, see if you feel it occur, then you will be more interested in knowing the jargon. I put the jargon in so others can learn Astrology as they go. But FEELING the energies is far more important. Then you can distinguish the various energies of the Planets for yourself. I leave in the technical stuff because I am ‘sourcing’ (aka footnotes) the Universe;)

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