Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – Men and Women in Service to Each Other

Building all day on Monday will be an aspect between Venus (women) and Mars (men), or archetypal female/male energies.

When these 2 Planets are in aspect, we get to see how motivated (Mars) we really are to achieve our desires (Venus). Some aspects put the gender energies at each others’ throats (Square/Opposition) and some put them in total harmony (Trine and 5D aspects). When they meet in a Conjunction, there is a bit of stress as we try to occupy the same space with our desires and motivations. But it is a helpful day as these 2 Planets begin a new cycle this year that will be centered around all things Virgo: work, employment, service/duty/honor, volunteering, accounting, health/fitness, healthcare, food production, our ‘to-do’ lists and more.

At 8:10pm on Monday night, Venus at 24:03 Virgo Conjuncts Mars. This is men and women working (Virgo) together (Conjunction). They are working in service to others and their shared passion may bring out other desires as well. Many people hook up through work environments because they share a common objective, the same work space, or are simply bored (plus other reasons). It is this kind of an aspect. Or if you look at it individually (Mars), you can see that now our desires and motivations are in sync and we know which actions we desire to take moving forward… for the next phase anyway.

Some fun scenarios of this energy are:

You work in a beauty salon, and a man walks through the door (or someone with strong Mars energy) and you are asked to cut their hair in a gender-neutral fashion or to make him beautiful;)

Men and women in the military service could find themselves helping each other even though they have been complaining about their different abilities.

Or men and women find themselves tripping over each other as they each try to serve the other.

And the list could go on. When you can begin to play with the various attributes of each part of an Astrological Aspect (Planets/Points, Houses, Signs and Aspects), you will see how easy it is to FEEL Astrology working in your life.

The magical part of the day will occur around 9:37pm when Mercury at 1:21 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 13:21 Capricorn. If Mars and Venus resolve their motivation for some passion desires, this could be the words that make it all happen effortlessly. Mercury is now in Scorpio, the Sign that Pluto rules. And Scorpio and Pluto rule intimacy and sharing of themselves in exchange for the use of someone’s resources. Here the magical words will give them the go-ahead to take their noses off the Virgo grindstone and make time for each other.

Or you could get word that some authority is going to be the benefactor of Mars’ and Venus’ new volunteering project.

Either way, you could find some magical words to pursue some passion or the backing of some resources that will allow you to pursue your passions.

The words won’t like come so easily on Tuesday as Mercury aspects Jupiter in a minor irritation aspect and has to adjust to Chiron in order to achieve some ease. The words spoken or written from Monday night to Saturday morning will be very revealing as Mercury aspects several Outer Planets/Points (Pluto, Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn and Neptune) and no Personal Planets (Sun, Venus or Mars). The words this week will be about you and others.

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