Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – 3-Way of Expanded, Healing Communication

On Tuesday, Mercury (communication and ideas), Jupiter (higher consciousness and philosophy) and Chiron (collective wounding) all aspect each other throughout the day. This creates a unique configuration that brings healing (Jupiter) communications (Mercury) from our Soul (Chiron).

At 9:25am Mercury at 2:10 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 17:10 Virgo.

For the next month roughly, Mercury will have us talking about intimacy and sharing of resources (Scorpio). Jupiter has been expanding our work, health and all daily activities since Aug as he stays in Virgo for a year. As they meet in an irritation aspect, we can bet that the ‘work/service’ is likely getting in the way of some intimacy and there is the rub. Jupiter is optimistic and right now happy to serve, but keeping everything on track with someone who bankrolls us in some way, can be an issue. Words you hear from others or words you speak are likely to reflect the irritation. Now Jupiter has something to work on as he tries to elevate our conscious mind to a bigger perspective. If the day goes right, you will begin to see how the more you serve others the more your intimate situations are improved as well. Over optimistic? Well, let’s see;)

At 10:16am Mercury at 2:13 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron at 17:13 Pisces. Now the words may have a sting when someone you are intimate (sharing of all kinds) shows their irritation to you or you to them. The Ses-Square calls for you to make an adjustment to your intimate communication so you can have an ‘ease’ in your connection. Chiron may be reminding you of times when you have lost touch with someone because you were paying more attention to things that they felt didn’t really matter.

At 4:57pm Jupiter at 17:13 Virgo Opposes Chiron at 17:13 Pisces. Oppositions are always where we get to see things more clearly through some contrast of the energies across the Zodiac Wheel. Thankfully, Jupiter is a Healing Planet and works well with Chiron to alleviate any pain here. Here Chiron’s pain is around some subconscious 3D wounding issue that we are working on leaving behind. What is a contrast to too much work (Jupiter in Virgo)? Too little work. Too little activity. Too much daydreaming. The Opposite of having a job or activity to do (Virgo) is NOT having a job or activity because we can get lost in some escapism tendencies that Pisces (ruled by Neptune) like to draw us into. If someone is making you feel bad for working too much, this is a wake-up call to see if your work has become your current way of avoiding (another form of escapism) getting close to someone you important to you (Scorpio and intimacy). There needs to be a balance where your work has a purpose to serve (Virgo) rather than to avoid something else that needs attending to. See if you can pinpoint how you are working and if it is helping or hurting some people close to you… or YOU because you are not paying attention to other areas of your life.

Jupiter can bring some healing to the irritation and you can see how you subconsciously have sabotaged intimate relating-ships by escaping through your work. Jupiter can show you how to keep a truer perspective on things that will serve you in many ways down the road.

This is a week to hear and speak truth. Pay attention, like a good Virgo would;)

3 thoughts on “Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – 3-Way of Expanded, Healing Communication

  1. Thank you for the amazing detail you expand daily Beth!As far as Virgos go, they can keep going. For me, everyone under the Virgo shroud I am in contact with has no communication style and just seem to be a long and task oriented sort to deal with.  Anyway, that must be in my planets as well, and perhaps a chiron that needs accepting and adjusting. ( :  Sending you best of days. Nasmaste’Dulcey

    1. Dudley, so nice to hear from you! You do have natal saturn in virgo so maybe some karmic fear here;) and your saturn is square your Chiron so they are a pain in your rear! But I knew you would feel your energies correctly:) lots of virgo energy right now:(

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