Daily Aspects – Nov 4 – Extra Work Adjusts to Personal Freedom

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Wednesday is a quiet day with only one aspect in the evening.

At 7:56pm Mercury at 4:32 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 4:32 Sagittarius.

There may be words (Mercury–or just ideas unspoken) from you to towards you that reflect your accountability (Saturn) and philosophy (Jupiter) in regards to the way you are sharing yourself in exchange for using other people’s resources (Scorpio).

Scorpio rules money you use that comes from someone else such as: debt, loans, taxes, inheritance, trust funds, alimony, child support, investment, etc. Sagittarius rules higher consciousness and any spiritual/religious philosophy you apply to your life. Mercury is communication and Saturn is accountability and father-like authority. There may be someone in the mix that is trying to restrict your use of their money so you can adopt a healthier way of relating to them.

The Semi-Sextile is a minor aspect so they are not acting too strong, but are helping you find a more productive approach to the way you are using their money or their assets or their intimacy.

The highest form of intimacy is honesty. So the accountability around words is likely to be that you find the most truthful way to express how you are using their money. Don’t try to hide anything, that would be the old 3D Karmic response between 2 of the key old 3D Karmic Planets: Mercury (duality) and Saturn (Karmic fear). Take your accountability to a higher perspective (Sagittarius) and see how you can incorporate/integrate their needs for accountability with your use of their money.

The rest of the day we will already be feeling the major aspect on Thursday: Jupiter Quincunx Uranus. This is an adjustment aspect between all the extra work we have been doing lately and our passion for following our personal path to freedom. There will be some awareness coming in around how to adjust your personal needs with the extra service you are doing for others. This is an aspect between 2 of our Higher Mind Planets so it is a great chance to pay attention to their energies and how they work. Uranus is unexpected awareness and brings shocking change. Jupiter is a global thinker that takes in all the parts to see them in a new light. See what they are showing you around your work and your freedom.


While I write about the aspects that occur between the Transiting Planets each day that affect ALL of us, there are unique ways each of these same aspects play out in our own lives. Depending on which House you have 4:32 Scorpio and 4:32 Sagittarius, will tell us WHO the players are that will be talking to YOU or you to THEM.

Astrology IS very personal. It is very accurate when looking at a Natal Chart. When I write about Daily Aspects, I am writing in general terms related to the Signs and the Planets (not the House placements in your chart).

So here are the ways to determine the WHO will be involved with each aspect:

1st House – YOU are the one initiating the action.

2nd House – a woman, a lover, resources you have

3rd House – siblings, cousins, neighbors, classmates

4th House – mom or nurturing woman or wife, family member, home owner

5th House – children, artists, entertainers, romantic partners

6th House – co-workers, roommates, bosses, service people, volunteers, military, first responders, teachers

7th House – personal and business partners, close friends, open enemies/adversaries

8th House – intimate partners, benefactors, people whose money you use

9th House – legal entities, mature people, mentors, spiritual/philosophical leaders, platonic friends

10th House – father-like people, public authorities, dominant parent, engineers

11th House – eccentric, shocking people, Astrologers, acquaintances, social network, groups of people

12th House – alcoholics, dreamers, drug dealers, psychics, musicians, unicorns;)

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