Daily Aspects – Nov 7 & 8 – Soulful Clarity and Desires

Saturday night and Sunday are all about the wrapping up of some Soulful lessons we have been going through with the North Node in Libra, Sign of relationship/relating-ship, since Feb 18, 2014.

On Nov 12, the North Node will ingress Virgo and the Soul-Level emphasis will change to lessons around health, service/duty/honor, work/workplace, food production, roommates, accounting, etc.

As the North Node is now sitting at the final minutes of Libra, as the Personal Planets make aspects to the Node, we can expect to see the culmination of the lessons of the last 18 months. First the Sun will Semi-Square the North Node on Saturday, then Venus will Conjunct the North Node on Sun Sunday as she moves into the Sign of Libra and mercury will Semi-Square the North Node on Nov 11. So over the next few days we will have clarity (Sun), desires (Venus) and communication and ideas (Mercury) that will come from a Soulful place around how to do 5D relating-ships.

Here are the specifics for Saturday night and Sunday:

At 8:47pm on Saturday night, the Sun at 15:20 Scorpio Semi-Squares the North Node at 0:20 Libra. This is clarity (Sun) around Soulful (North Node) ways of relating to others (Libra). With the Sun in Scorpio, there will be a twist to the Libran lessons that incorporates honesty (highest Scorpio ideal) with the reciprocity and balance of relating-ships. See if you can spot how your reality (Sun) has changed regarding your old possessiveness around any relationship. Have you learned to leave behind the fear of separation consciousness and hold more loosely to anyone in your sphere? That will be a very clear lesson with the Semi-Square as it irritates us so that we move through the challenge it presents.

At 5:17pm on Sunday, Venus at 0:18 Libra Conjuncts the North Node at 0:18 Libra. Venus rules Libra and has been ruling the North Node as it Transits her Sign. Venus’ Libran desires are for reciprocity and refined communications between partners. She is all about the appearance as seen by the collective consensus that Libra also represents. As she Conjuncts the North Node, we can expect to see how we actually HAVE changed our desires for relationships (3D) to a desire for relating-ships (5D). Relationships come with expectations where relating-ships do not. That is the bottom-line difference.

The Baby-Boomers have their Natal Neptune in the Sign of Libra. This means that their collective unconscious was wired to create idealistic relationships and marriages that last forever. As Pluto Transits Capricorn, he has been Squaring the Baby-Boomers’ Natal Neptune, literally killing (Pluto) their ideals (Neptune) and relationships. Baby-Boomers are divorcing at late stages of their lives due to this Transit from Pluto. But Pluto is Conjunct the Natal Neptune of the Baby-Boomers’ grandchildren and they have no ideals around ‘marriage’ being the end-all, be-all.

The North Node’s Transit through Libra has been preparing us for new ways of relating and working together that allows us to leave behind the out-dated ideals of the Baby-Boomer generation. Legalizing Gay Marriage has been one of the major shifts that has rocked Baby-Boomers’ ideals. Their children and grandchildren have no problem with it, but their generation is struggling as it runs contrary (Pluto Square Neptune) to their ideal lifestyle.

The times are changing as the Planets revolve (or the world turns). Shift happens. Things end. New ways emerge. And the timing is seen by the Planetary energies and relative positions.

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