Daily Aspects – Nov 11 – New Moon in Scorpio

In old 3D Astrology, Scorpios (or, really, Scorpio energy) were a rather feared Sign to contend with. A lower vibration Scorpio can be very manipulative and keep their agenda hidden from others. They were aloof, secretive and hard to read. In 5D Astrology, Scorpio energy is very different. It is the eagle rather than the scorpion that rules them. The energy is one of desiring to ‘merge’ with others physically and financially through integrity and no resistance to the entire process. 5D Scorpio energy has no shame associated with sex and money issues. It is just a matter of ‘life’ and resistance to sharing is what caused karma. Sharing without resistance is 5D-level integrity.

It is helpful to get the new energy in perspective before the New Moon on Wednesday that occurs in Scorpio. New Moons are when the Sun and Moon are Conjunct creating a new monthly cycle and a new focus of energies for the month ahead. This next month we will all be working on Scorpio type things: debt, loan, taxes, inheritance, alimony, child support, investment, our benefactors who finance us, sex and intimacy. For it is shared money and shared bodies and 3D death/5D transformation (reincarnation, too) that takes us to the deepest levels of connection with others. In 5D, Scorpio IS transforming energy that rules both life and death so childbirth is included as it is our time and space of reincarnation.

A New Moon in Scorpio puts our intuition and private emotional side (Moon) in sync with our ego and real-time public life (Sun). We have the greatest amount of clarity in the Sign in which the Sun and Moon meet. Wednesday is also Veteran’s Day, which occurs in the Sign ruled by both Pluto (death) and Mars (war and aggression). I am a Sun Sign Scorpio with my Sun in my 6th House of service, including military. This is how our charts can show everything about us. Of course this was in my earlier, more 3D mode in this incarnation;)

So the New Moon for all of us can have us focused on sex, death/life/reincarnation, and other people’s money that we use/share. See what this month brings to you in this area of your life. The players involved will be shown by the House (area of life) that you have 19:01 Scorpio in.

The Full Moon of this same monthly cycle will occur at 3 Gemini so there may be some continuation of the last Full Moon at 3 Taurus on Oct 27 that actually gets a fresh start. When the New Moon follows the Full Moon in the same Sun Sign, the more natural order of the Sun/Moon monthly cycle is reversed. On Oct 27, there may have been something that got ‘shut down’ in your Scorpio areas that will now experience a ‘fresh start’. The Full Moon would have made room for something new to occur at the New Moon.

Sun/Moon cycles are mostly personal and rarely herald a major impact on all of us. For big impacts, we need the Outer Planets’ participation. At this New Moon, the Sun and Moon will be loosely Sextile Jupiter in Virgo (productive to our expanded work ethic), Ses-Square Uranus in Aries (making an adjustment with our personal freedom and our intimate relating-ships creates an ease) and Trine Chiron in Pisces (ahhh, it feels so good and healing).

The New Moon occurs at 12:47pm on Wednesday when the Moon at 19:01 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 19:01 Scorpio.

A few hours before the New Moon, at 6:30am, Mercury at 15:05 Scorpio Semi-Squares the North Node at 0:05 Libra. This will be some words that irritate a bit to get you focused on how best to approach this ‘fresh start’ with the 5D energy of Scorpio that calls for integrity and transparency in all of your actions. The Moon will be crossing over this same degree just about the same time so you will FEEL what is coming at the New Moon.

On Tuesday, the energy is building showing us where the ‘fresh start’ in our lives will take place. It is an excellent opportunity to learn to feel the various Planetary bodies energy and watch how they work in your life.

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