Daily Aspects – Nov 12 – Mercury & Mars Get Soulful

As I write this on Wednesday, the New Moon is applying to exact. I’m feeling the shift of energy. This New Moon occurs in my 1st House of myself, my body, my first impression and the way I assert myself. That means the last New Moon was in my 12th House and I was isolating more and withdrawing from things as an annual cycle ended. Now, it is a ‘fresh start’ and a new annual cycle for me. Do you know where the New Moon took place in your chart? Email me (5dastrology@gmail.com) if you would like to know: your birth date, time of birth, and city of birth and I’ll let you know. I will also send you an email with your birth chart so you have it to follow.

NOTE: To get the most of this Daily Aspects posts, you should have a copy of your Natal Chart in front of you. I give the technical details so you can follow where the Planets IN YOUR CHART each day. You will begin to FEEL Astrology very quickly if you do this. It also helps to have your Personal Transit Report to follow each day that gives you the aspects that are personal to you. You can order that by going here: My Store.

With the ‘fresh start’, New Moon, at our back like the wind pushing us through the next month, we can face the Soulful aspects of Thursday with ease. Mercury is just behind the Sun and Moon at the New Moon and now he will be making the same aspects on Thursday that the Sun did on Monday.

But the really big news for Thursday is that the North Node ingressed Virgo at 8:00pm on Wednesday night, leaving Libra behind after 18 months in that Sign. This is a big shift at the Soul-Level. You may be able to feel this difference over the next few days as you move from deep, inner serenity focus to service and work focus. The Soul-Level lessons will begin to fly into your life for you to work on. This is very interesting as the North Node and Jupiter will Transit Virgo at the same time bringing us many lessons as we develop a new philosophy (Jupiter) around Virgo areas: work/workplace, health/fitness, boss/co-workers, roommates, service people (from restaurants to military) and all of your day-to-day busy-ness or ‘to do’ lists.

If you have the Nodes of Fate Squaring one of your Personal Planets in the next 18 months while in Virgo, you can bet this will be a Transit that takes you to your knees in some way to get the deepest sort of Soul-Level lesson. From Libra, the North Node Squared my Stellium of 6 Planets and Points in Capricorn and 2 in Cancer. It has been a very soulful 18 months for me. But months that have shown me so much as well. If you would like to know what types of lessons you will be going through in the next 18 months, email me: 5dastrology@gmail.com.

Transiting Saturn will Square the Nodes of Fate from Sagittarius and it is the perfect time for ALL of us to recall some past-life stuff. Don’t miss it! I will be writing more about this in the future.

Order of events on Thursday:

At 11:47am Mercury at 17:03 Scorpio Trines Chiron Retrograde at 17:03 Pisces.

This is some easy words around intimate dealings and financial sharing. These words will likely serve to heal any old angst you might have around merging yourself and your stuff with others. The Sun brought the clarity on Monday and now the words will follow here. You will find yourself expressing how you are releasing old subconscious wounds as you move forward with integrity.

At 12:27pm Mars at 29:53 Virgo Conjuncts the North Node at 29:53 Virgo.

This is the first aspect to the North Node newly in Virgo. Your first ‘lesson’ will arise as these 2 start a new cycle together. You will have some new motivations that take you into doing your service to others in suddenly a profound new way…. soulfully. You could find that you release your robot-like Virgo actions for actions that come from a deeper place. Actions that cause you to see everyone as a part of you. You are actually serving yourself as you serve others;) That will be a big part of the lessons of the North Node in Virgo.

At 3:36pm Mercury at 17:18 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 17:18 Aries.

Your words, or words spoken to you, may reflect an adjustment that some new flash of awareness inspired you to make. While you are merging yourself and your resources with someone (all Scorpio things), you need to be mindful that each party needs their personal freedom as well. So build some flexibility in your agreements, your conversations and negotiated terms so that each can feel free to move in their own directions as the Stars lead them. Agreements should not corral us to each other, but rather be written to bring out the best in each other. If you give your relating-ship permission to be free, they are actually free to choose to stay without feeling controlled.

Mercury in 3D IS separation consciousness that led to Karma. Mercury in aspect to Uranus has 5D awareness coming through that shows him a better way of doing anything. Uranus brings 5D revelation. So pay attention and adjust yourself and your words accordingly.

At 5:00pm Mars ingresses Libra and you will be motivated for refined, diplomatic, reciprocal conversations within your relating-ships. This motivation will help Mercury manage his verbiage in the above aspect as it separates. Mars is in his detriment in Libra because this energy is Opposite his own Sign. He usually thinks before he acts, but in Libra, he has the strongest chance possible for thinking first. Venus rules Libra, so male/female energies are more diplomatic and balanced. Enjoy;)

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  1. Hey Beth! The postings look great! Excellent work! And thank you for continuing to share. I’m not sure where the new moon took place in my chart. Should I be able to tell that with the reports I have received from you? I’m catching on a bit more with astrology but still A lot more to learn 🙂 Crystal

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    1. Crystal, thank you:) yes, in your transit report you should have the description by house.
      But it was in your 4th house by rising sign which is your mom, home, family and land as well as Scorpio energy merged with it. Let me know what the fresh start is;)

    2. Crystal, thank you:) yes, in your transit report you should have the description by house.
      But it was in your 4th house by rising sign which is your mom, home, family and land as well as Scorpio energy merged with it. Let me know what the fresh start is;)

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