Daily Aspects – Nov 13 – Personally Productive

On Friday we have 2 minor aspects made between 2 Personal Planets (Mercury and Venus) to the 2 Transpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn).

At 12:12pm Venus at 5:32 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 5:32 Sagittarius.

When Venus and Saturn meet in 3D, there is often some restriction around desires/attraction or your available resources. When they meet in 5D, there is just accountability around your desires/attractions and the use of your resources. In Libra, the Sign Venus rules, she is all about reciprocity and balance in all her close friendships and business or personal partnerships. Saturn, which is accountability, in the Sign of Sagittarius, which is big picture/global thinking, is about getting it right. Saturn rules Capricorn and Cardinal Earth energy, which is initiating structures and things. So if there is some sharing of her resources that Venus wants to give to her relating-ship, Saturn initiates boundaries that keep it reciprocal as Venus desires. Saturn in Sagittarius might say that if you look at the Universe (really big picture;), there is no way that ‘giving’ can be a bad thing or needs to be restricted at all, because the Universe abhors a vacuum and what gets emptied is always filled again. So Saturn here is helping Venus devise a philosophy (Sagittarius) to give (Venus’ resources) without worry because you are being accountable to the big picture.

There are many ways this aspect can play out, but Venus rules our own resources, earned income and our finances. Our relating-ships are about balanced give and take, but there may be a call for an imbalance when you know to trust (Saturn) the Universe (Sagittarius).

At 1:18pm Mercury at 18:46 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter at 18:46 Virgo.

Here there are likely to be words (or ideas) from you or towards you that reflect some of your new philosophy around service and work that you have been developing as Jupiter Transits Virgo. You may speak these words to an intimate partner or benefactor of some sort or they will to you. While the words may not seem philosophical at first, if you look at them, you will say they/you are expressing something here about what Jupiter is showing them/you. In 3D, Jupiter would most likely just have you doing more work and expanding nervous Virgo energy. But in 5D, Jupiter can give you a larger perspective of what you are doing for work and how it fits the big picture. With a larger perspective of things, you can find ways to work smarter and not just harder. And if you really get into your Merlin Mind, you will find the magical times when you can create WITHOUT the work;)

In 3D/Age of Pisces, Virgo is Opposite Pisces on the Zodiac Wheel and externalizes Pisces’ energy. We ‘worked’ in response to our subconscious fears. We would escape into work. But in 5D/Age of Aquarius, Virgo is Quincunx Aquarius on the Zodiac Wheel meaning an adjustment will have to be made here. And some ‘magic’ is also available;) Hmmm… I’m ready, are you?

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