Neptune Stands Still

Neptune is one of our Higher Minds that very few of us understand well or have mastered. For many, Neptune creates a desire to escape reality through some form of diversion or addiction: alcohol, drugs, avoidance of physical proximity, sex, daydreaming, virtual realities, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo recently Opposed Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces and both the Sign and Planet are ‘ending’ energies. Stories in our lives are brought to a close when Planets Transit through the 12th House. But Jupiter and Neptune together create even MORE subconscious stuff to manage and are the typical Planets involved in the charts of people who struggle with addictions.

Through the month of September, as Jupiter exacted his Opposition to Neptune, many people were ramping up their addictive behaviors and as the 2 Planets separated they made decisions to cut-back or stop their addictive behaviors all together. Now as Neptune Stations Direct, their decisions will be challenged.

As of Saturday night, Nov 14, Neptune has been stopped in the sky as he prepares for his Direct Station at 11:30am on Thursday morning. He will remain at 7:01 degrees Pisces until Nov 23.

Neptune Stations are long and can be felt strongly if you are sensitive to it. When he shifts direction, it is a sea-change of feeling deep within us. When he is Retrograde, we are looking back at things that occurred during his first pass of the same degrees. Some Astrologers say that it is a time to see through the deceptions of the first pass, but I feel it is more about reviewing our old ways of seeing with our new ways so that when he goes Direct we are thinking in fresh, new ways. But there is the challenge because we will always want to review the new in light of the old (the Retrograde phase).

Neptune crossed over 7:01 degrees for the first time on Feb 19 and then he traveled to 9:49 Pisces when he Stationed Retrograde on Jun 12. Now he will go past these same degrees from Nov 18, 2015 – Feb 28, 2016. And Neptune will only make it to 12:02 Pisces on Jun 14 before he goes Retrograde again.

Getting back to the addictions, once Neptune goes Direct, people who cut back or stopped their addictive activities will be looking forward again with less fear of their subconscious minds (Neptune) and maybe reversing their decisions. Some will keep their commitment, however.

And once Neptune begins forward motion again, he will be applying to his first Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. These 2 will be ‘dissolving structures’ in our lives that deal with foreigners, foreign places, laws, courts, colleges universities, churches, etc. (all Sagittarius type things).

Here peoples decisions could crumble based on where Saturn is Transiting in their charts. Or people who never did really have addictions may find themselves abusing substances more as they try to cope with the morphing of our physical reality.

Besides Neptune dissolving Saturn’s sense of order and structure, Saturn will be bringing out things that Neptune has kept hidden from the collective consciousness of the people. It is going to be a serious morphing energy that we are already being brought into.

Learning to feel the Outer Planets allows you the ability to morph with the energies, to embrace them rather than resist them and to stay afloat when Neptune’s depths might otherwise drown you in a sea of vagueness and illusion often expressed by many through ‘trips’ or drunken binges. Other simply move through the fog feeling disoriented and unsure of what is going on and which direction to take.

When you have come to understand Neptune, you won’t need to escape his murky depths, you will have a personal rudder that allows you to navigate through his fog without losing your step along the way.

But this can only come by doing your own psychological work (Chiron) to begin awareness of your Soul (Uranus) and putting things all in perspective (Jupiter).

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