Daily Aspects – Nov 21 – My Solar Return

Saturday night has 3 aspects that should make it very revelatory and fortunate.

At 4:09pm the Sun at 29:14 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 29:14 Virgo.

This is some soulful clarity around intimacy and service to others. It is another good aspect to get a peek at the 18-month lessons we will be under-going as the North Node Transits in Virgo. We should be working on a more soulful approach to work and how we schedule our time as well as soulfully serving others… meaning not keeping count/score/accounting as Virgo in 3D loves to do. This aspect could show us how service assists us in better intimacy and honesty in our deep connections to others.

At 8:05pm Mercury at 1:56 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter at 19:56 Virgo.

This is a magical aspect where our words will create some optimistic feelings and ideas about the ways we serve others. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Mercury rules Virgo so these 2 Planets are in ‘mutual reception’ and bringing out higher minded ideas that allow us to want to serve global/foreign people. There could be headlines (Mercury) expressing how we are opening ourselves up in service to others. Or this can be a very personal aspect granted you some measure of magic in the words you choose regarding foreigners, mentors and others who are far away from you. Virgo rules ‘service’ and military service so there could be some hopeful words come to you from someone servicing overseas that you have been wanting to hear. This can come about in many different ways. See if you can spot this aspect and how it plays out in your chart/life.

At 9:45pm Mercury at 2:02 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 17:02 Aries.

This aspect occurs so close to the last one that they will likely overlap. And that is a very good thing as both Jupiter and Uranus are Higher Mind Planets and can override the lower/vanity nature of Mercury. Mercury will speak in ways that he doesn’t usually tend to… he will be expansive, optimistic, global and mindful of groups of people, philanthropic thinking, etc.

The energy of this night could cause even the hardest-nosed patriot to open their arms to accept foreign refugees offering them a home next to themselves. But the Ses-Square aspect requires there be an adjustment made before there is an ease. The adjustment will be that some personal freedom (Uranus) be adjusted to accommodate and serve foreigners. Whether our country makes this decision or not, you may find yourself extending an invitation for some foreign person (or unusual person, Uranus) to come to Thanksgiving Dinner with you and your loved ones. You may find yourself offering to cook a meal for them or to provide them with some basic needs.

This is a very humanitarian night to practice philanthropy and to see all people as part of the global family and to find new ways to serve them that will assist you as well… even if goodwill in your heart is the only thing you receive from it;)

Nov 21 is my birthday. My Natal Sun is at 29:39 degrees of Scorpio. I was born at 6:00pm. Each year when the Sun reaches the exact degree and minute of your Natal Sun, we call this a ‘Solar Return.’ A ‘birthday’ based on a date is a 3D/man-made construct that has lost some of its original brilliance and wisdom because it follows a calendar that doesn’t align precisely with the Planets as the old Almanac would have.

But my Solar Return for this year will occur on Nov 22, at 2:06am as the bar closes after I dance all night in my hometown bar to my favorite band’s music. That’s a nice way to celebrate as my 5D channel requires that I move to stay connected to my higher self.

The Ascendant of my Chart at the time of my Solar Return shows me some of the energy ahead for me this year. The Ascendant of the Chart is at 24:36 Virgo. This means my year ahead will be one of ‘busy-ness’, health-focused and all around more mundane than the one I had last year with the Ascendant in Cancer… thankfully that year is over!! Bless all you Cancer-types;) Last year I was more emotional about things and this year I will be having my nose to the grindstone. So there is that change ahead!

There are many aspects of Astrology that illuminate our experiences our Souls are having here in this ride we call ‘LIFE.’ ANY aspect of this life you would like to know about is ON THE TABLE when you do a Reading or if you would like to order a Report. (Ignore the prices. Everything is by donation.)

5D Astrology is geared towards moving you into Soul-awareness where you REALLY ARE in a state of NON-JUDGMENT and compassion.

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