Daily Aspects – Nov 25 – Full Moon in Gemini

There are 4 aspects on Wednesday and one is a Full Moon so the day will likely be busy and feel emotionally intense.

At 2:15am Mercury at 7:02 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 7:02 Pisces.

This occurs at the EXACT same degree and minute of the 1st Saturn Square to Neptune on Thursday morning. So it is our heads-up in words or dreams that shows what is dissolving in our lives. There may be headlines we wake up to on Thursday morning or we will have some important dreams that we should bring into our conscious world in the morning. About a year, on maybe the exact same aspect, I woke with a dream about what was coming with this 1st Square. I blogged about it then and since then nothing has surprised me regarding which structures are dissolving (Saturn Square Neptune) over the next 8 months. The dream had a huge earthquake in Mexico that brought 100s of thousands streaming across the border. It is our time to practice NAMASTE… the god in me sees the god in you. But a Square means this will be a challenge for sure.

At 11:31am Mercury at 7:38 Sagittarius Sextiles Mars at 7:38 Libra.

Here our words will reflect some motivation (Mars) to compromise (Libra) with the changes upon us and to ease into any social consensus that we need to. On Tuesday, Mars Sextiles Saturn and Quincunx Neptune so this aspect to Mercury will bring out some words that show how our motivations have shifted based on Mars’ meeting the 2 Karmic Planets as they near their 1st Square.

At 2:22pm Uranus Retrograde at 16:57 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 16:57 Pisces.

Here we will have some awareness of how to manage our personal drive (Aries) for freedom (Uranus) while managing to see everyone (Pisces) as equals (Uranus) and connected (Pisces). We will need this awareness at this time to move us into some Soul Awareness of the large (Sagittarius) situations that seem to be before us.

At 5:44pm the Moon at 3:20 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 3:20 Sagittarius.

Full Moons are emotional times because the Moon rules our emotions and initiating emotional energy. As the Moon Opposes the Sun, our emotions are shown in contrast to our ego-goals and purpose. It is the mid-point of the monthly Sun/Moon cycle and calls for us to ‘see’ where we are in what we are creating this month.

The New Moon for this cycle occurred at 19 Scorpio so the mid-point issue involves both energies of ‘sharing resources’ (Scorpio) and local (Gemini) vs. global (Sagittarius) interests. This Full Moon is very closely tied to the energy of the Saturn/Neptune Square on Thursday morning. In fact their Square is the 1st aspect following the Full Moon putting it as a major focus for the next 2 weeks.

Here we will be challenged (Opposition) to see how to balance our nurturing (Moon) of our local community (Gemini) with our goals (Sun) for a higher perspective/higher consciousness/philosophy (Sagittarius) that embraces a global perspective.

For each individual, you may find yourself faced with the need to invite someone who is not that familiar to you to your Thanksgiving Dinner. You know there is a reason that Thanksgiving occurs in the month of Sagittarius, because it came about from the desire to have 2 cultures work productively together. To learn from each other and to be grateful for the exchange. See if you can challenge yourself to reach out to someone ‘foreign’ to you that has no family or even cultural experience with Thanksgiving. This will allow you to develop some new philosophy that will serve you in the weeks and months ahead.

I have lived in the Middle East for a total of 8 years. I didn’t really develop higher consciousness/spirituality until I had this experience… how COULD I? I’m not advocating ANYTHING political here… but I DO understand what it means to move from the Age of Pisces into the New Age many of us have been discussing for decades… the Age of Aquarius.

It is a brave, new world. Be brave, or go home. Jump into the energy and suck all of the experience out of it that you can;) You will never be the same again… Thank goodness!

About midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the Moon will Oppose Saturn and Square Neptune about 7 hours ahead of their EXACT Square. You may have some powerful dream or simply have some intuition about what is morphing in your life.

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