Dissolving Structures Begins in Earnest

We are just about 36 hours from the 1st EXACT Square of Saturn to Neptune which occurs early on Thursday morning. This aspect is between 2 Outer Planets so it has been applying for a few weeks now. We felt some of their Square energy around Mar 15th as Saturn got within the 3 degree orb of Neptune. So there is little doubt that our easiest aspect to recognize by feeling on Wednesday is this Square.

What is dissolving in your life? That depends on the Houses where you have 7:02 Sagittarius and Pisces. Collectively, as I have said, we can expect to see the dissolving of our laws, borders, and religious entities. I think some have found my words too much to bear, but the truth is in the stars. The only difference is whether you view any change through your 3D lens or a 5D lens.

SPOILER ALERT! If you like your 3D reality and the fear that goes with it… STOP READING. It is time to decide if you will take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill, just as in the Matrix;)

Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets of 3D reality. They are dissolving our Karma as they meet now. They are dissolving our separation consciousness and walls that divide us. It is not our government or an individual, so stop finger-pointing across the aisle.

In 3D, you are in separation consciousness and afraid of everything outside of yourself and even your own subconscious mind which stores all your fears and the collective fears of the human experience. In 3D, you are operating from your Mercury mind and blocking your Higher Minds.

In 5D, however, with Soul Awareness, you know that everything is simply an experience and you can move with the energies that are presented to you. AND you know NOT to trust your Mercury mind that knows only fear. In 5D, Mercury is a lens that is used by your Higher Minds, that is all. So you KNOW that any fear you still have will be manifested physically for you to see it and release it. If others are facing their fears, your non-reaction allows them to overcome their fears as well.

The Zombie Apocalypse is LITERALLY us manifesting our old worst 3D fears so we can see them and not react to them. Once you realize the source of what you are seeing, you can shift into using a Higher Mind to change what you DO see. At the Soul-Level, what is see isn’t really real. It is an experience. Its a virtual reality.

Crazy, huh? But true. Though we love to hold onto the physical world because it can be so compelling. A state of ‘no-fear,’ which is usually finally reached by most people WHEN they reach the END of their fear (in other words they have to go through the very worst fears before they can achieve no-fear), is the Zero Switch that evaporates your 3D reality in a flash.No-fear, Zero Switch is COMPASSION which is a state of non-reaction to the physical world around you because you KNOW it is just a figment of your imagination (Neptune).

Just ask these early 20-somethings… they are often caught by the police, their collective (Neptune) fear, but manage to find ways to avoid it going any further (Uranus). They have the 2 Higher Mind Planets Conjunct and find ways to conquer their fears rather easily.

So if the thought of having foreigners move into your town scares you, just ask yourself why? It is happening BECAUSE it is your fear and BECAUSE the Planets (which reflect us) are seeking to help us achieve an equilibrium around the world as we move into the very egalitarian Age of Aquarius.

In 3D reality, it is Agenda 21, which I discovered as I was doing due diligence on the governments, banks, corporations as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn, the Sign that rules these things. Pluto is ‘due diligence’ and getting to the bottom of things. Agenda 21 calls for the redistribution of people and resources around the world. At first, I was afraid of it because it had been hidden from us (Age of Pisces which we are ending) and it seemed very manipulative (Pluto). The confiscation of our property ownership also alarmed me. But then I realized all of these things were merely bringing us into the NEW reality of the Age of Aquarius.

It is TRUE that things are changing. It is TRUE that much of our status quo is dissolving. This is hard for many people to fathom. But if you look within, you will find the way to move through the change into the new reality that is being birthed.

Pluto is destroying the Baby-Boomer reality and over the next 2 years, the early 20-somethings will be bringing us VAST, TRANSFORMATIONAL, CHANGE as Pluto Conjuncts their Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn. The change is underway.

What is happening will take us into a reality that aligns with the collective unconscious (Neptune) of this age group and out of the Baby-Boomers’ collective unconscious (Neptune in Libra).

These young people can not exist in the reality of the Baby-Boomers. They have stayed medicated or intoxicated as a means of coping with the ‘seen’ world before us until their time was upon them.

From 2016-2018 they will be ready to shift our reality into a new form. The morphing of the status quo is beginning over the next 8 months laying the groundwork for their very egalitarian (Uranus) ideals (Neptune). They are the children of the Age of Aquarius along with most of them born within 10 years after.

If the dissolving of our borders scares you. Go within and see what 3D fears you need to release. Its going to happen. To leave 3D, we must reconcile ourselves of all of our old good and evil polarities.

Thanksgiving is a very good time to begin this process. Leave any comments and let me see how I can help you move into the flow of things.


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    1. To see how I explain the dimensions, go to ‘about 5D Astrology’ and see the pull down menu with ‘The Dimensions Explained’. Rick’s Soul-Level wounding (Chiron) would be in his House of marriage/partnership (not by Sign because he can’t be that old;)… he loses his partners. The way Neptune works, you might feel you are searching for Rick, but it will lead you to someplace you are meant to be/go or learn along the way… keep trusting Neptune, though you may find there is nothing at the end of it except some Soul knowledge. Right now, with Saturn Square Neptune exacting tomorrow morning, we are all seeing something that might just dissolve into a puddle of water…. and the cycle continues.

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