Daily Aspects – Nov 26 – The 1st Square

So Thanksgiving morning we have the 1st Square of Saturn to Neptune exacting at 7:15am. They meet at 7:02 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively.

If you are totally bought into the story of your physical life, you will have some challenging times over the next 8 months as things just don’t materialize.

If you understand you are a Soul having a human experience, you will be able to roll with it to see where the next adventure begins. Saturn is in the Sign of ‘adventure and travel,’ both outward and inward. Whatever your philosophies are, they may be morphing now to in ways that allow you to cope with the uncertainty of this time. Neptune is where we need to simply TRUST the process and get comfortable not being able to see more than 2 feet in front of us.

If you’re an Aries Sun or Aries Rising, you will have your philosophies, mentors, higher education stuff (maybe loans), legal issues morphing

If you’re a Taurus Sun or Taurus Rising, you will have some shared resources (debts, loans, inheritance, alimony, child support) and intimate relationships morphing

If you’re a Gemini Sun or Gemini Rising, you will have some partnership situations, close friends and open enemies morphing

If you’re a Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising, you will have some morphing around your work, health, service morphing

If you’re a Leo Sun or Leo Rising, you will have some morphing around your entertainment, fun, creativity and children areas of your life

If you’re a Virgo Sun or Virgo Rising, you will have some mom, home, family, land morphing/dissolving

If you’re a Libra Sun or Libra Rising, you will have some local transportation, sibling/cousin, local community situations morphing

If you’re a Scorpio Sun or Scorpio Rising, you will have some earned income structures morphing, along with issues of beauty, women, etc.

If you’re a Sagittarius Sun or Sagittarius Rising, you will be morphing yourself, your image, your body and self-assertion

If you’re a Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Rising, you may be unnerved by the way some things are ending and want to isolate as you morph your subconscious mind

If you’re an Aquarius Sun or Aquarius Rising, you will be morphing your social network, hopes, wishes and dreams, groups you belong to and your philanthropic activities

If you’re a Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising, your career, public reputation and social status are morphing

NOTE: If you read a description for your Rising Sign that doesn’t seem to fit, read the description above or below. The Square occurs at 7:02 so your House cusp may be before or after this degree.

There is one other aspect on Thursday.

At 8:01pm Venus at 20:34 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 20:34 Virgo.

This is a minor aspect, but it is between the 2 Healing Planets in the Signs of ‘service’ and ‘relating’. As far as getting along with everyone at the dinner table, this is a very fortunate aspect to have applying all day. Everyone will be happy to serve each other and to converse in refined and optimistic ways.


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