Daily Aspects – Dec 2 – Magical, Soulful Clarity

At 8:42am on Wednesday the Sun at 10:03 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node at 28:03 Virgo.

The Sun is in Sagittarius giving us a heads-up (clarity) around the structures that Saturn and Neptune will be dissolving. Depending on which House you have the Sun right now, you can expect to see what is going to be dissolved for just YOU.

The North Node is in Virgo bringing up Soul-Level lessons around our service to others. A Virgo is usually always the first person to jump in to get things done. They assume no one else is going to do, or do it well enough, so it is theirs to accomplish. And they DO accomplish it. Virgos get stuff done! They are the ‘get ‘er done’ Sign of the Zodiac.

Since Jupiter entered Virgo in August, most of us have felt over-worked as Jupiter expands the energy of each Sign. But Jupiter is trying to get us to create a new philosophy around how to be of service and how to do our work and our health issues over the course of the year he Transits in Virgo.

Having both the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo right now puts a LOT of focus on Virgo areas. Jupiter rules the Sun in Sagittarius right now and the Sun feels the ‘expansive’ energy of Jupiter while in that Sign. But this is tempered with Saturn’s restrictive accountability. The Sun just met Saturn in Sagittarius on Nov 29 (Sunday), right after Squaring Neptune in Pisces.

But on Wednesday, this magical aspect of the Sun to the North Node is going to show us many things:

  1. How to manage the dissolving of structures from a Soulful position. The Sun is sitting on the degree of the 3rd and final Square of Saturn to Neptune which will occur on Sep 10, 2016. So this is a heads-up for this final aspect.
  2. The North Node is going to give us a ‘servant’s heart’ for the work that will have to be done when structures dissolve and we find ourselves face-to-face with foreigners that need our assistance. This is going to be a powerful year of Soul-Level lessons.
  3. The magic that you feel today is going to be the CLARITY that you need for the next year in order to navigate the dissolving of some of our structures.

This is aspect will feel light, but it is VERY profound and a much needed lesson for the Soulful space we need to inhabit moving forward.

There is likely to be some relationship to the words expressed as Mercury Quintiled the North Node on Nov 27 on the heels of Saturn and Neptune’s 1st Square which exacted on Thanksgiving morning.

Use this magic. Tuck it away for when you need this clarity down the road.

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