Daily Aspects – Dec 6 & 7 – Part 2; All Magic

Sunday night and Monday brings us 3 back-to-back 5D/Magical aspects. We’ll be walking on clouds by allowing it all to flow.

At 5:36pm on Sunday, Mercury at 25:07 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 7:05 Pisces.

With this aspect, we can ‘create’ magic as Mercury will be magically overridden and our fears will be quieted and nothing will come through that isn’t the best of ourselves. Mercury in Sagittarius is already under the spell of Jupiter’s benevolent energy as Jupiter rules Sagittarius. So Mercury is already elevated to a higher state of consciousness and now Neptune can bring out his magical, all-knowing, at the Source energy that reminds us of our true nature. The stage is set for the next magical aspect to bring about a wonderful connection.

At 8:41pm Venus at 2:13 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 14:13 Capricorn.

These 2 Planets in their hardest/3D aspect create a ‘fatal (Pluto) attraction (Venus) and the spectrum runs all the way through the degrees of attraction and control to the one we have on Sunday night: magical, beautiful, sexual attraction. Or it can be about finances just as easily…. But I AM a Scorpio Sun and am always thinking about the intimacy;) With Venus in the Sign that Pluto rules, it will be hard to beat this aspect for years to come as Pluto moves so slowly. Though we will have this type of an aspect 4 times each year, but not always with Venus in Scorpio. So today is the day to put your best face on and share yourself magically, with no resistance.

And this pertains to finances, too, as these 2 rule our 2 Money Houses: Taurus/2nd House and Scorpio/8th House. So the magic here could easily result in someone investing in your business, your work project, your assets to enhance them, etc. You will appear very attractive for an investment, you know what I mean;) And they will magically upon up their purse strings and oblige.

So use this aspect to your benefit and remember that the next aspect is a Semi-Square, which is an 8th Harmonic, irritation aspect. So in a few weeks’ time, you will be need to address some little issue. But today, simply go for the brass ring;)

On Monday night at 10:07pm Mercury at 26:57 Sagittarius (ON the Galactic Center) Quintiles Mars at 14:57 Libra.

Wow! If you are looking for ‘words’ that sweeps someone off their feet, you will be speaking (Mercury) from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy (26 Sagittarius) showing them your motivation (Mars) and refined nature (Libra) as a cosmological being (Sagittarius) to relate (Libra) to them. I bit wordy when I describe it in his way, but the power of your words will likely exceed the ability of your own smaller mind and ego to comprehend what you will be speaking on Monday night. But pay attention and you might just see what you said and you will KNOW why it worked so well.

On Tuesday morning, Mercury moves to 27:47 Sagittarius where he will Square the Transiting Nodes of Fate of 27:47 Virgo/Pisces. The magical words of the night before will be tested for their ‘soul-level’ intent on Tuesday morning.

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