Daily Aspects – Dec 8 – Soulful Words and Clarity

Soulful Awareness is the hallmark of Tuesday’s combined energies.

At 11:10am Mercury at 27:47 Sagittarius Squares the Nodes of Fate at 27:47 Virgo (North Node) and 27:47 Pisces (South Node).

Here words we speak or write or hear from someone else will have such a soulful impact on us we will know to heed these words. There is some soulful lesson here that Mercury is going to express and we may have to wait for some clarity when the Sun Squares the Nodes on Dec 18.

The words today will be about how to use a larger/global perspective aligned with higher consciousness (Sagittarius) when dealing with things like healthcare, work, jobs, or being of service and volunteering (Virgo).

At 9:38pm the Sun at 16:41 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 16:41 Aries.

Here we will have some clarity around our philosophies/spiritual beliefs (Sagittarius) and our pursuit of our personal freedom (Uranus in Aries). The Trine will show us an easy way to pursue our freedom and still maintain our philosophical beliefs and underpinnings.

Mercury Trined Uranus on this same degree on Dec 1 so there is likely some connection to the words expressed then and the clarity you have today.

Uranus is starting to slow down so his Direct Station on Dec 26. Right now he is just 7 minutes from the degree and minute of his Station. When he Stations Direct, you can expect to receive a download of revelation. The message on Tuesday will begin to pave the way for us to be able to absorb his awareness.

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