Daily Aspects – Dec 10 – Accident or Awareness Prone?

All of Wednesday night and Thursday we will have Mars applying to Oppose Uranus which is a classic aspect for creating some ‘accidents’. Though I do find the Square more productive of accidents, the Opposition has the potential as well. OR you could simply receive the awareness necessary to AVOID such an event;)

At 8:31pm Mars at 16:40 Libra Opposes Uranus Retrograde at 16:40 Aries.

Mars rules Aries, where Uranus is Transiting, and Mars is in his weakest position (detriment) in Libra where he is forced to ‘think’ before he acts. So there is a very strong possibility that your awareness will conquer (Aries) any harmful/undesirable outcome that comes from behaving too rashly.

With awareness, such as knowing/sensing in advance, this aspect can be very helpful. Uranus in Aries has been helping to bring awareness to each of us around ways to find a path to freedom all the while Pluto in Capriconr  has been showing us the misuse of father-like and public authority. Uranus has helped many to find ways OUT of difficult situations with authorities and to take back their own personal sovereignty rather than to antagone the authorities further.

Mars in Libra is in the Sign of diplomacy, tact, reciprocity and refinement. He has his finger on the pulse of public consensus, another area Libra rules. While we are seeking his personal freedom, the awareness from Uranus can help us to choose the right words when dealing with our relating-ships and business partnerships as we move towards that freedom. Your motivations will be more controlled with Mars in Libra less likely creating an ‘accident.’ More likely you will find yourself accidentally compromising with someone is a way that is beneficial to both.

At 10:07pm Venus at 7:01 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 22:01 Virgo.

Here your expansive (Jupiter) workload/to-do list (Virgo) irritates someone who desires (Venus) some intimacy with you. They could be hoping you will spend some money on them as well, but you are too busy counting every dollar (3D Virgo) as you work your fingers to the bone.

Its a fast-moving aspect so it won’t ruin anything long-term, but it is the perfect time to consider how your over-worked mind (Virgo) is irritating to those you are close to.

If you can, see how (Jupiter, a higher perspective) you can use your resources (Venus) to get the work done (outsource it) so you can have some time to BE intimate (Scorpio). Or SHARE the work with your ‘other’ so that you both have time to be together.

Financially, this aspect would be your money being shared with someone else and still you are working too hard. See ways you can bring things into better balance so that the work can continue as necessary, but without creating problems with those you love.

It will all get much easier a few hours from now and you could ‘dream’ up a solution.

At 1:13am Venus at 7:10 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 7:10 Pisces.

Now you will find a way (Neptune) to manage the work/intimacy issue (Virgo) by being more fluid (Pisces) and less anal (Virgo). You will wake up knowing how to work through the irritation without much effort.

This is the last aspect before the New Moon occurs at 19 Sagittarius at 5:29am on Friday morning. This is a monthly ‘fresh start’ in the areas of local/global, facts/concepts, neighbors/foreigners, and seeing the big picture. More on this tomorrow.

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