Daily Aspects – Dec 12 – Soulful Magic

All day on Friday and through Saturday, we will have an opportunity to see some past-life things and to let go of any fears associated with our past-life Karma as Saturn makes a 5D aspect to the North Node.

At 11:15am on Saturday morning, Saturn at 8:57 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node at 26:57 Virgo.

This puts Saturn at a Biseptile aspect to the South Node at 26:57 Aries. A Septile aspect is 1/7 of the Zodiac wheel, or 51.26 degrees. A Biseptile is 102.51 degrees but its energy is: spiritual responsibilities connected to group Karma. AND Saturn rules Karmic fear.

The Nodes of Fate (North and South Node), bring in a Soulful element that can make this such a huge factor in moving forward with the ‘dissolving of fear’ that Saturn Square Neptune is also about (rather than just ‘dissolving structures’).

When Saturn aspects the Nodes of Fate, we have an opportunity to recall past-life events and resolve the Karma. Saturn is Transiting in the Sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, one of our Higher Minds which rules higher consciousness.

This aspect can play out in a variety of ways. The key here would be YOU trying to identify HOW it plays out for you and being accountable (Saturn), respons-able (Biseptile) to a Soul-Level lesson (North/South Node). The Quintile makes this all the more special in that we can find magical ways to manage any old Karmic issues that we DO see and to use it to expand (Sagittarius) our Soul-Awareness (Nodes of Fate + Karmic Planet + a Higher Mind Sign).

As Virgo (where the North Node is) externalizes what Pisces is subconsciously working through (where the South Node is), we are learning to externalize the what is in our subconscious mind in order to ‘work’ through it. There may be lessons unlocked here that will allow you to take Quantum Leaps in consciousness and Soul Awareness. I won’t predict it as its only value is for YOU to RECEIVE it;)

At 1:33pm Venus at 8:57 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 8:57 Sagittarius.

Here, Venus gets in the mix with Saturn still at the exact degree and minute of the magical aspect earlier. Venus offers a productive aspect that throws our ‘desires’ into the mix of the accountable and response-able aspect Saturn made to the Nodes of Fate.

Venus rules our OWN resources, but she is in the Sign of Scorpio which rules THEIR resources that we use. There may be some new way (new philosophy/new consciousness) from the earlier aspect that allows us a more Soulful approach to the way we use our resources and share ourselves and our resources with others. At the Soul-Level, we know there is NO NEED to be possessive (old 3D Venus) as Scorpio energy knows how to ‘let go’. But the magic of the Soul is in KNOWING that nothing is limited.

So there we have some very deep old Karmic fears being purged. Let the awareness and Soulfulness of this day sink deep into your pysche and transform you through its magic. With any luck, you will NEVER see the world in the same way AGAIN;)

The message gets expressed on Sunday morning (or late Saturday) as Mercury Quintiles Chiron… this weekend has some depths! AND plenty of magic!!

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