Daily Aspects – Dec 14 – Soulful, Higher Minds

We have 3 aspects that exact on Monday and since they are all aspects with the Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars) to Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) and the Soulful North Node, ,we can expect the aspects to be fast-moving, but profound.

At 10:02am the Sun at 22:18 Sagittarius Squares Jupiter at 22:18 Virgo.

You were likely feeling this all day on Sunday, too. The Sun in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and though it is a Square, with Jupiter it is never too tough. So the point here is to help us see (Sun) how well our work ethic (Virgo) is holding up in the big picture of things (Jupiter/Sagittarius). Jupiter will be in Virgo for a year (til next Jul) giving us a bigger view of how our ‘busy-ness’ fits into the entire scheme of things. Are we working smarter? Or just harder? Are we really serving others or our own anal minds? That is what needs to be worked out. So the Sun just sheds more light on what Jupiter is doing here and we can set new goals (Sun) to align our service (Virgo) to the big picture (Jupiter/Sagittarius).

At 2:40pm Mercury at 7:13 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 7:13 Pisces.

This aspect is our conscious/physical mind (Mercury) working productively (Sextile) with our subconscious mind (Neptune). As Mercury is in Capricorn, he expressions (Mercury is the communicator) will reflect Capricorn energies. Mercury will be expressing a need to initiate some structures or systems into some area of your life (wherever you have 7:13 Capricorn in your chart by House placement). He will be concerned with your public reputation, social status and ways you program manage areas of your life. Neptune in a productive aspect will easily help Mercury to put structures in place that align with our collective unconscious needs. See what gets expressed to you or from you and see what was hidden in your subconscious that easily surfaced when the words were spoken/written/thought.

At 5:31pm Venus at 11:32 Scorpio Semi-Squares the North Node at 26:32 Virgo.

There may be some irritation (Semi-Square) here, but Venus has a healing touch. She can apply her hands or her resources to any area that needs it. The North Node is calling us to ‘serve’ others (Virgo) from our Soul’s perspective. In other words lose the idea of ‘work’ and remember how ‘service’ is so beneficial for us all. To serve is to lead, right? That is what the North Node would say. As Venus is in Scorpio, she may be desiring to use other people’s money or resources in her concept of service. So how do we give of our stuff and ourselves in service to others is the rub of this aspect. The Soul would say, ‘Lose the idea of limitation’. And once we do that we can begin to operate from a Soul Awareness perspective and move into a 5D answer to this. So see if you can shift the irritation into magic;)

This aspect puts Venus at a Ses-Square to the South Node at 26:32 Pisces. If we make a subconscious adjustment, like the Universe does NOT create based on 1+1=2, but rather operates in mitosis and the Fibonacci Sequence, then you can move easily from irritation to magic of your Soul Awareness.


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