The 2 Faces of the Tenfold Blessing

It is easier to give than to receive, I think. Most of us in 3D feel like if we have a lot, we ‘give’ to because we are in a better position than others. There is something we DID that brought us ‘more’ in our lives. So we can pick and choose who and what we give based on how we judge their worthiness, etc. And we stop giving to someone once they have ‘burned’ us. And so the Karmic cycle continues….

The ‘Giving and Receiving’ Equation of life becomes so different when you shut off your Karmic/3D mind, the Planet Mercury, and you use just your 3 Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune). You can add in some Soul-Level points as well and really reach the depths of all that is (North Node and Chiron.

In the fallen state of man, 3D, we start to operate with just the ‘seen’ world and begin to see that everything is LIMITED. This is not a Universal truth, but it is the reality of 3D. 3D is separation consciousness. We see ourselves as having to compete with everyone else for all that we need to live. This is Mercury. And in our 3D, limited reality, we keep account of all that we give and want it repaid.

Why? Because we have worked hard to earn it and it is ours. This is the mantra of the Baby-Boomer generation who grew up with parents who lived in the Great Depression. They have their Soul-Level wounding (Chiron) in Taurus and passed on that fear to their children. These children vowed never to experience lack as they decided they would ‘work’ for the government and corporations in exchange for retirement, healthcare and not to be a burden to their children. Well, Pluto is destroying this ‘ideal’ of this generation as he Squares their Neptune in Libra as he Transits through Capricorn.

If you have a Money-House (2nd or 8th) in the Sign of a Higher Mind Planet (especially Sagittarius or Aquarius), then you already know a bit about how to ‘give’ without the fear of limitation. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is a very optimistic Sign. It is the Sign of speculation that underlies the optimism of our Stock Exchange when it was in its hay-days. Aquarius is the Sign of philanthropy that seeks to share all that they have because they believe in the universality of man. Sweden is a good example of Aquarian money ideas.

When the North Node Sagittarius, it was Transiting my 2nd House (earned income) by Sun Sign. And I began to develop a whole new philosophy around my money. Actually, taking in the global (big picture) of things, I realized it wasn’t really my money at all. It was mine to use in ways that were based on some spiritual philosophy I was forming.

Basically, it came down to the fact that true money is a means of exchange and creates a current (Aquarius/Uranus) that you can switch on your blessings or switch them off. Fear (Neptune/Pisces in 3D) is the switch that turns off the current to you. NO ONE can give you money if you are in a state of fear… a state of 3D that believes in the LIMITATION of the physical world.

I would reflect alot on the saying from the Bible that said, ‘If you give without thought of return, you and the receiver are blessed tenfold.’ Sounded like a really good deal for the receiver, too. Why was that?

As I began practicing ‘giving’ whenever my awareness (Uranus) nudged me to, I began to receive things more as well. It was then that I realized for the current to stay strong, I had to be a gracious RECEIVER as well. I needed to learn to be comfortable letting someone bless and NOT ALWAYS trying to give back to them EVENLY! We have to forget keeping account in order for the greatest level of blessing to flow through us. And that is why we need to PAY IT FORWARD.

Uranus/Aquarius knows that if you give back to the same person, you haven’t created a circuitry that supports everyone. So if you PAY IT FORWARD, we WILL reach everyone.

If you turn around the GIVE BACK to the person who gave you, we do not begin to incorporate a circuitry that is inclusive. So you need to just let the blessings flow through you to others and receive from whoever the Universe provides it from. And be GRACIOUS. Maybe you didn’t need a thing. But you are GIFTED with it. Now gift someone else if you are led to.

Once you become BOTH a GRACIOUS GIVER and a GRACIOUS RECEIVER, we will have a circuit of blessing that will eradicate ANY LIMITATION thinking.

That would be our Higher Minds at work. Don’t buy into the physical world and try to change it. That is when the magic stops. Our Higher Minds KNOW that there is NO SUCH THING as limitation!


NOTE: I was looking for an image to use on this post and ended up on Wikipedia’s site. They have a big arrow on each page right now asking for a donation from everyone who values their work. Wikipedia is a great example of Uranus/Aquarius energy, which is a Fixed Air (idea) Sign and all Aquarians want FREE access to information FOR ALL. I made my DONATION:) Uranus also rules philanthropy and donation… giving without thought of return! Uranus rules Astrology, too;) If you feel nudged, please visit Wikipedia and support their work.

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