Daily Aspects – Dec 16 – Accountable Expression

At 12:46am on Wednesday, Mercury at 9:22 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 9:22 Sagittarius.

Mercury is charging right along now and in a few days he will enter Phase 1, the Shadow Phase, of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. Mercury in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so he is working on being ‘accountable’ and ‘response-able’ in his thought and words.

Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to any over-the-top optimism that can be typical with Jupiter/Sagittarius energy in 3D. In 5D, Saturn just helps to be responsive to our environment. Its as if Saturn holds us steady so we can truly take in what we are seeing and react response-ably.

This Semi-Sextile is a minor aspect of 1/12 of the Zodiac Wheel. The energies between the 2 Signs in a Semi-Sextile are always quite different. Sagittarius is a Mutable (changeable) Fire Sign. Full of passion, but changeable. Capricorn is a Cardinal (initiating) Earth Sign. Capricorn and Saturn rule the ‘Father’ and it has traditionally been the Father that created earthy structures for his family. He provided for them.

So we can expect some expression here of some new structures that you might want to initiate as a way of being response-able to your personal philosophy of big picture/global ideals.

I am writing now about the major aspects for 2016 that will affect us all. If you would like a 2016 Major Aspect Report, please let me know. I will do it by donation so don’t hesitate. It will include how the Major Aspects between the Transiting Planets affect your chart AND Aspects made from the Outer Planets to your Natal Planets (major aspects). It is not to predict the future, but to raise your awareness of what is ahead so you can productively work with the energies. Email me at 5dastrology@gmail.com

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